Tips for SAT

NTSE SAT Preparation Tips 2019-2020

SAT is a crucial part of NTSE. It consists of 100 questions with 20 questions from each subject, i.e. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Social Science. Having a detailed plan about how you going to prepare for it is must if you are really serious about cracking the NTSE exam. Preparing for SAT can be […]

NTSE Examination Pattern

NTSE Exam Pattern

Hard work always speaks when taken in the right way. This is what NTSE provides to the focused and dedicated students. You don’t need to be an extraordinary student to be a part of the NTSE Examination. NTSE Exam pattern is set in a manner which focuses on evaluating the knowledge, skills and mental ability […]

NTSE Eligibilty Criteria

NTSE Eligibility Criteria-2019

All over India, there are so many competitive exams but, NTSE always been the most prestigious exam. NTSE has many eligibility criteria for admission, it can be a raveled story of destruction. But no worries, team NTSE Guru is here to cater your needs. We have compiled all the important criteria that are required to […]