NTSE SAT Preparation Tips 2019-2020

SAT is a crucial part of NTSE. It consists of 100 questions with 20 questions from each subject, i.e. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Social Science. Having a detailed plan about how you going to prepare for it is must if you are really serious about cracking the NTSE exam. Preparing for SAT can be hard, but Team NTSE Guru has got your back. Here is a detailed plan for NTSE SAT preparation.

Maths is NOT That Important

Being good in Maths is a good thing but NTSE is not a platform where you should showcase it. NTSE is all about conquering time and Maths is one of the most time consuming subjects which can eat a lot of the student’s time and still not lead to a worthwhile conclusion. Even NTSE doesn’t give priority to numericals. Only 1 numerical came in 2016 and 3 in 2017. So, WORK ON THEORETICAL TOPICS. Subjects like Social Science can be the boat that you can ride to the other side. Social Science is the only subject with completely theoretical topics.


I know, everyone does, and that’s because this subject has never been taught in the way it should. Social Science should be taught in an interactive way with real life examples. Prof. Vipin Joshi, who is also the record holder for having more than 450 students getting selected in NTSE, understood this problem. He teaches Social Science in an interactive way and also keeps in mind that brain relates faster when given real-life examples.

Books are Market-Friendly, NOT Student Friendly

Being a student, we usually prefer the “healthiest” book in the market, which has everything under the stars, but not what is required in NTSE.

But my class topper, studied from it and he performs better…

Because he is already sincere, but sometimes these books can be suicidal. Setting a bar so high that it become impossible to attain is not a good strategy. So DON’T rely on irrelevant study material. Rather try to solve some Test Series, which can help you with good questions and detailed analysis.

Don’t Skip the First Page of the Chapter.

In rush, we usually skip the first page, which seems to have all “useless” information. But it doesn’t. First page of every chapter is the most important part, as they have summary of the whole chapter which tells us what the chapter is all about. So rather that skipping it, give this a run.

Many questions have been asked from the first page in NTSE previously. 

Attempting Sequence

One of the major point, that decides the winning and losing, is ability to plan and one of the major planning portion is the path to go. The problems with the students is, they jump straight to math, and give 50% of time to it. 20 questions, 50% of time, it’s a simple math, YOU LOOSE. So the right way is start with theoretical questions and touch numericals at the LAST.

Prof. Vipin Joshi gave students the sequence to solve the papers, that is:

  • Social Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Maths

Or just go to video.

In the end, NTSE is about conquering time and SAT is crucial part of it. Remember, you don’t have to be a math savvy and look at questions logically. Just start with Theoretical questions. NTSE Guru has got your back. For any help just ping us on our support mail.

Always keep in Mind, NTSE stage -1 is state board, so Keep referring the state boards. nd, Keep referring the state boards.
Best Of luck

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