Perfect Study Plan for Class 10 Boards

Class X Board exams are extremely crucial. Your score in this exam determines, to a large extent, the career path you shall walk on. It is thus, highly important to invest your time completely in studying and let other activities take a back seat.

Everyone wants to achieve a great score. The best way to achieve this would be to have great time management skills. However, you have to put in an effort to get there. A perfect plan allows you to get the most out of your studies. Study plans help you to focus, which lead to better memorization and recall.

Here is an effective study plan for class 10 board exam preparation by NTSE Guru experts to help you prepare better.

Prepare a Study Schedule

Begin by roughly dividing your syllabus to get an idea about ‘how much time you require to dedicate to each topic/subject in order to complete the preparation on time.’ Once you get an idea, prepare a monthly schedule and stick to it. Make sure your study timetable for Class X Board exam is workable and not too stern.

Identify Your Study Hours

As you prepare your study plan, make sure that the time of the day you can concentrate best is set aside for learning your lessons. Some students are morning larks while some are night owls. Know when you are fresh and happy and use this period of time for difficult topics and theoretical revisions. When you feel sleepy and dull, start doing some practical problems, make mind maps or pick up easier topics. Active engagements with studies will help your brain to remain in the alert mode.

Choose a Fixed Study Place

Having a fixed comfortable place to study helps your mind to re-position itself into study mode entirely by sitting down to study. A week before your exams, this place might turn out to be a confidence booster, allowing you to concentrate in full measure.

Prioritize Your Tasks

First of all, study all the important topics that carry more weightage and have higher probabilities of coming in the exams. Then, move on to the other topics. For important topics of different subjects, you can refer to our other blogs.

Take Study Breaks

You cannot forget the time spent on food and sleep. So, plan your breaks from studies accordingly. Everyone works differently but generally speaking, a 5-10 minute break every hour is good enough. Utilize this time to go outside for a walk, eat fruits and snacks or simply take a shower.

Daily Revision

At the end of the day, revise everything that you have studied the entire day by writing as well as speaking out loud. This will help you to memorize your lessons, formulas, theorems, etc which will boost your confidence to the next level.

Sunday: A Test Day

Try having written tests on Sundays of what you studied during the week. You can take chapter-wise tests as well as topic-wise tests on website which help you analyze your performance as well as identify your weaker links where you require more effort.

So, prepare your study plan by following the above points and stick to it. Stay consistent towards it. You will receive the results you want through determination, self-discipline and great study habits. You can change the plan as per your preferences and routine but make sure don’t stress yourself.

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