Important Question of Class 9
Class IX

Important Questions for Class 9

Students often fall into the trap of using brute force to study instead of intelligence. We try to study everything equally well and put in equal time and effort in every question. Wouldn’t the smarter way to go about studying be to give more time and effort to important questions? Yes, you guessed it right; […]

Class 10th Important Questions
Class X

Important Questions for Class 10

Important questions are the key to a student scoring well; they make sure that a student’s attention is focused on the right places. While all questions need to be studied, an important question helps a student identify the questions he needs to have a strong grip on. These questions are especially helpful when the time […]

Sample paper of CBSE class10
Class X

Class 10 CBSE Sample Papers

A soldier going off to war first has to practice sufficiently with a gun before he can be sure that he is prepared enough to trust that he will return with his life intact. Similarly, the sample papers are the weapon you have to practice enough so that you could trust yourself to ace your […]

How to Remove Stress From Exam
Exam Tips

How to Deal with Exam Stress

It’s that time of the year again, exams are just around the corner and you feel that familiar feeling of stress creeping up. Sweaty palms, anxiety, restlessness, upset stomach, fright or just plain old demotivation. Sound relatable? Well stressing about stress stressing you out is not going to get rid of the stress. As Prof. […]