How to Deal with Exam Stress

It’s that time of the year again, exams are just around the corner and you feel that familiar feeling of stress creeping up. Sweaty palms, anxiety, restlessness, upset stomach, fright or just plain old demotivation. Sound relatable?

Well stressing about stress stressing you out is not going to get rid of the stress. As Prof. Sumit Upmanyu, one of the best faculty of physics and chemistry often says, ‘Shant dimag se pado; shant dimag se jo jo padoge, sab samajh aaega.’ To help you do that NTSE Guru got you covered with some foolproof ways to deal with stress:

Plan and Get Organized

Stress is caused when you start to feel like you are losing control. So to defeat it, simply regain control! You know yourself best, and you know what exactly are your strengths and weaknesses. Identify them and create a time-table based on it. Give more time to the subjects that you are weak at as well as keep revising the subjects you are good at. In this way, you don’t lose your grip on them. Most importantly, stick to your timetable! Once you have a set direction and start following it, the stress will dissipate on its own.


It is often the case that after studying for too long we come to a point where you just can’t concentrate anymore. It makes you feel helpless and adds to your stress. Whenever this happens simply take a 15 min break and exercise a bit. Exercise is a known stress buster and releases endorphins which are also known as the ‘feel-good’ hormone. Go for a short jog or just do some skipping, push-ups, cycling or even dancing. It wakes your body up and resets your mind to the alert mode.

Watch Video Lectures

Reading from books when you are stressed is next to impossible. Seeing all that theory just adds to the stress. At times even taking breaks at a time you are stressed just adds to the stress because you feel that you are wasting time when you should be studying. Best thing to do times like these is to watch video lectures. There are various video lectures available at NTSE Guru where chapters are explained in a captivating way. This way you get to relax in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have wasted your time.

Eat Properly

Hunger, low blood sugar or high blood sugar can all cause irregular spikes in energy which will affect your schedule and studies. If preparing for the exam is the battle then you have to keep your health at its peak during that time. Stick to home food and don’t take any risks with your health. Another important thing to remember is that caffeine has a tendency to increase stress. Don’t get stressed and consume too much caffeine so that you stay awake longer and study, it will not help.

Sleep Well

Lack of sleep is another factor that adds to stress. Your body needs sleep to function effectively. Insomnia can be caused in students due to stress and anxiety. To avoid this, keep a fixed sleep-wake schedule, including at least 7 hours of sleep, so your body gets used to it. Once this happens you will find that you are less prone to feeling tired in the remaining hours of the day.

Steer Clear of Distractions

Yes, you guessed it, we are talking about your mobile. NTSE Guru expert Prof Vipin Joshi, always says that once you pick up your mobile and start scrolling through social media, WhatsApp or youtube putting your mobile down again becomes a herculean task. Do not try to use it to get rid of stress because once you start you will end up wasting more time than you intended to and it will just make you feel worse. Avoid your mobile altogether when you are preparing for your exams. Even during breaks involve yourself in activities like exercising or going out for a walk rather than using your mobile.

Take Breaks

Sometimes the best thing to do is take some time off. Realize that pushing yourself, at a time when your mind cannot concentrate enough to study, is not the solution. Take a short break and try to get rid of the stress. Things like playing with bubble wrap, listening to some music or just convincing yourself why you shouldn’t stress and motivating yourself by thinking things like “I Can Do It!” can all help.

Talk it Out

When we are in stress we often build things up in our mind and they start to feel like an unmovable mountain. Talk to a friend, relative or to your parent about how you are feeling. Taking about things brings them into perspective and we realize it wasn’t as big that.

If that doesn’t help, take a pillow and scream in it to your heart’s desire. Better? Now get back to studying!

So here you have it, ways to get rid of stress by NTSE Guru. Now that you’ve read it, go apply it immediately!

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