Class 10 CBSE Sample Papers

A soldier going off to war first has to practice sufficiently with a gun before he can be sure that he is prepared enough to trust that he will return with his life intact. Similarly, the sample papers are the weapon you have to practice enough so that you could trust yourself to ace your 10th boards. Just like a soldier without proper training would be unprepared, so would a student going off to his examination without having solved sufficient sample papers. Proper and sufficient solving of sample papers allow you to become an expert at the examination before you even face it.

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Sample papers are important for the following key reasons:

  1. Revision:

A student may study hard and feel that he is well prepared but on facing the actual question paper he might remember only 50%-60% of what he had studied. Revision helps a student remember key points and then accordingly recall everything he had studied. When a student goes through sample question papers he recalls answers to questions repeatedly making the possibility of his forgetting them almost negligible. Revision through sample papers is better than revising the entire course as the student spends more time revising questions that are important and have a higher probability of being asked in the board examination. NTSE Guru provides sample papers prepared by particular subject experts for your better preparations.


  1. Marking Scheme:

A student who has gone through sample papers has a deeper understanding of the marking scheme that he is going to be faced with during his boards. Such a student can mentally prepare himself regarding which questions are more important than others and can hence create a mental map in his mind about which questions are to be attended before others. In case the student is faced with a time crunch, a prepared student can make smarter decisions about which questions to attempt first and which ones to be left for later.

Class 10 CBSE Sample Papers 1

  1. Numerical Problems:

Certain numerical questions may cause a student to take an unusually long time to be solved, causing him to miss out on questions of equal or more weightage that he can solve easily. Prof. Vipin Joshi, an expert who has produced more than 1 thousand merit holders, spoke about how one of his best students used up 20 minutes when solving a question of Quadratic during his exam. When even an exceptional student can fall prey to this then so can you. Students hence need to practice questions enough in order to solve them faster or know when to move on from such question.


  1. Time Management:

A very important factor to be kept in mind during examinations is time-management. A student might know the answers to all the questions but may not be able to score well if he doesn’t manage his time. Solving sample papers helps a student to figure out an appropriate time distribution based on the given time and the number of questions he is going to solve. It also helps the student identify the questions that require more time and those that require less so that he can factor these observations in his time plan as well.

Class 10 CBSE Sample Papers 2

  1. Self-Assessment:

When a student solves a sample paper he is able to realize ‘ki vo kitne pani me hai,’ i.e. self-assess himself. Once a student has assessed his performance he will be able to make better decisions regarding how much more work he needs to put into studying the subject and also the areas that need improvement. The student hence gets to hone his performance for the examination. Zeel Shah who scored 10 cgpa in his 10th boards recalls how he was able to study efficiently in the last 3 months before his exam by referring to the sample papers and study material available at NTSE Guru.

Self assesment

  1. Speed and Accuracy:

Speed is an important factor when solving a paper. A student solving the paper very fast may recklessly miss key points in theory questions or make silly mistakes in numerical problems. While a student solving it very slowly and carefully may not have enough time to complete the paper. Prof. Harshal Supekar often advises his students that they need to match their thinking speed with their writing speed by solving mock papers in a time-bound manner. Solving sample question papers in the given time prepares a student regarding the correct speed that needs to be employed while solving the paper.

Speed & Accuracy

  1. Boost Confidence:

After a student has honed his paper solving skills sufficiently he acquires confidence regarding his abilities to score well in his 10th board exam. This confidence allows that student to believe in himself and rest assured that he is well-prepared. He is hence not faced with the uncertainty and nervousness that may plague other less prepared students. This student thus has the ability to remain calm during the board exam and make well-informed and level-headed decisions that enable him to excel in it.

Boost confidence

Sample Question Papers for CBSE Class 10 Exam 2018-19

Below provided are the important sample papers indexed by their subjects:

  1. Cbse Sample Papers for Class 10 – Mathematics

Practice makes a man perfect. This goes 100% true with maths. The more you solve the questions, the more you will have your command on the subject. So here is the CBSE sample paper for class 10 students. Click on the link to solve the sample questions paper.

Maths Sample Question Paper

  1. Cbse Sample Papers for Class 10 – Science

Any preparation is incomplete without the proper practise. You can check your preparation by solving the CBSE sample paper for class 10. It helps you to understand the loopholes in your studies and give you a wide scope of improvement with confidence to perform in the exam. Click on the link given below to solve the sample question paper. 

Science Sample Question Paper

  1. Cbse Sample Papers for Class 10 – English

To understand the pattern of your exam as well to insure no silly grammatical mistakes in the final board paper, students must solve the sample paper of class 10. These sample papers are designed to ensure your preparation and help you to evaluate your mistakes and to score higher grades in the exam. To access CBSE sample question paper of class 10 click on the given link. 

English Sample Question Paper

  1. Cbse Sample Papers for Class 10 – Social Science

One of the most vast subjects among the other subjects of class 10th. To revise each chapter in the last hour is a real time taking task. With the help of CBSE sample paper one can revise the subject in no time. To access the sample question paper click on the link .

Social Science Sample Question Paper

  1. Cbse Sample Papers for Class 10 – Hindi

CBSE sample paper helps you to understand the format of the question paper. It will boost the confidence in you for your final board exam. So in order to give a final touch in your preparation solve the sample paper of CBSE. Click on the link given below to solve the sample questions of 10 board. 

Hindi Sample Question Paper

Knock yourself out and all the very best for your exams!

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