Important Questions for Class 10

Important questions are the key to a student scoring well; they make sure that a student’s attention focuses on the right places. While all questions need to be studied, an important question helps a student identify the questions he needs to have a strong grip on. These questions are especially helpful when the time seems too short and the course too big.

Team NTSE Guru tends to make your life a little simpler as you are faced with your 10th Board exams. Here is the list of important questions to help give an edge to your preparation.

CBSE Class 10th Exam 2019, important questions according to latest exam format:

1. Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 10 – Maths

Practice the important questions from topics like Real Number, Polynomial, Pair of Linear Equation in two variables, Similar triangles, Trignometry, Height and Distance, Quadratic equations, Arithmetic Progression, Circles, Surface area and volumes, Statistics, Constructions, Probability and Coordinate Geometry

Important Questions – Maths

2. Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 10 – Science: Physics

You will get the most important questions from the chapters like Electricity, Magnetic effect of electric current, Source of energy, Light and Human eye on our website.

Important Questions – Physics

3. Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 10 – Science: Chemistry

Prepare your subject with the questions of the chapter like Chemical reactions and equations, Acid Bases and Salts, Metals and nonmetals, Carbon and it’s compound and Periodic classification of elements.

Important Questions – Chemistry

Chapter 1 – Chemical Reactions and Equations

4. Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 10 – Science: Biology

We cover the most important topics of biology and provides you with the selected questions from the chapters like Life process, Control and Coordination, How do organisms reproduce, Our environment, Management of Natual Resources.

Important Questions – Biology

Chapter 1 – Life Process

Chapter 2 –  Control and Coordination

5. Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 10 – Social Science: History

Solve the important topics questions like The Making of Global World, The age of Industrialization, Work, Life and Leisure, Flint Culture and the Modem World, Novel Society and History, The rise of Nationalism in Europe,

 Important Questions – History

6. Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 10 – Social Science: Geography

Done with the syllabus? Now bring 100% perfection with the important questions of topic like Resource and Development, Water Resources, Agriculture, Mineral and Energy Resources, Manufacturing Industries, Life Lines of National Economy.

 Important Questions – Geography

7. Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 10 – Social Science: Economics

Make your understanding better with the sample paper of Economics like Development, Sectors of The Indian Economy, Money and Credit, Globalisation and the Indian Economy, Consumer Rights.

 Important Questions – Economics

8. Chapter Wise Important Questions Class 10 – Social Science: Political Science

Here are some important questions from the most important topics like Power Sharing, Federalism, Gender Religion and Caste, Popular Struggle and Movements, Political Parties, Outcomes of Democracy, Challenges of Democracy.

 Important Questions – Political Science

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