How to Focus and Concentrate on Studies

It is important for students to dedicate themselves entirely to studies in order to achieve their goals. But this is easier said than done. Just like in games and movies, the hero has to defeat various monsters and bad guys before he can get to the trophy or treasure at the end, students are faced with various distractions that need to be battled so they can achieve their final goal.

We at NTSE Guru tend to make the journey easier for you by giving you the most effective tips that will help you focus on your studies.

  • Choose the Right Spot

First and foremost choose the correct spot for yourself, a place that is quiet and has good lighting. Try not to study on your bed as that is someplace your mind associates with sleep. A study desk is the best place to study. Even if your bed is the only place that is quiet and has good lighting make sure that when you study you keep sit upright and don’t slouch. It will help keep your mind active.

  • Be Prepared with Everything Before you Start Studying

Keep everything that you are going to need close by. Leaving your spot and disrupting your studies again and again to fetch things will break your focus repeatedly. Pens, pencils, notebooks, textbooks, papers and syllabus should all be within arm’s reach. Not just that, keep a water bottle and snacks (preferably fruits) near you as well for when you feel hungry or thirsty.

  • Identify High-Energy Periods

We all have periods of the day when our energy runs high and we are ready to take on the world. Conversely, we are also faced with periods where we are low on energy. Some students feel most active in the morning after a good night’s sleep while others feel more energized later in the day after having powered up. NTSE Guru suggest to identify that high energy period for yourself and study during that time.

  • Start with Difficult Topics

There are undoubtedly some topics that you enjoy and look forward to studying while others that you dread; in your high energy period, start by confronting those difficult topics. Studying them when your mind is active is the best chance for you to understand, learn and remember them. Go for the topics that you enjoy studying at a time when you grow tired or you can also revise topics that you have already studied at such a time.

  • Determine Study Goals

Set goals for yourself; they are more effective than study time periods. Also make sure that the goals you set are achievable. For example, set a goal that you will not take a break until you finish a particular topic. Once done take a short break of 5 minutes and then go on to the next topic and continue in this fashion. You can take a longer break once you finish a chapter. This way you have incentive to study.

  • Set Rewards

Another thing that helps with incentive is setting rewards. Involve your parents and set a reward for when you get good marks in your exams. It doesn’t hurt to ask. You can also set rewards of things like going out to play for some time with your friends after you have achieved the goal you set for that day. But be true to yourself and do so only after you have achieved your goal, if you cheat yourself it will only lead to guilt and tension and inadvertently destroy your focus and concentration.

  • Study Actively

Reading can often get boring when done for long periods of time. It can cause you to get drowsy. So study more actively; read out loud, ask yourself questions or look away and recall what you just read. Another thing that keeps your mind active is making notes. These notes also help you to later revise what you have learned. But some students are not inclined to make notes or do not have enough time for that. In this case you can always refer to the chapter-vise study material available at NTSE Guru.

  • No Electronic Devices

Electronic devices like your phone are the main distracters and will tempt you to stop studying. Switch off your phone or keep it on airplane mode. Keep yourself strictly away from your computer or laptop as well. The best thing to do to avoid them is to leave these devices in another room because as long as there are within your sight, they will tempt you. Prof. Vipin Joshi, creator of NTSE Guru and director of CatalyseR, motivates his students and sets an example for them by never being on any Social Networking sites.


So, here you have it, tips and tricks to keep you from loosing focus. Follow these and nothing can stop you from getting to your figurative trophies and riches, i.e. your good grades.

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