Importance of Class 10th in Life

10th Board exams are the first national exam for most students. It is an exam which a student hasn’t yet faced in their life. When any person has to confront something for the first time there is a level of anxiety and nervousness involved. Same is the case with 10th Class students. Students often wonder why is it that they are told that it is crucial to scoring well in 10th class. Why is it important to prepare well? Why are Board exams considered to be so important? Here NTSE Guru team will describe you why and what are you working so hard towards.


The most immediate effect of 10th marks would be the stream you get to choose in Class 11th. The choice of a stream in Class 11th decides the field you want to work for in the future. For example, to be an Engineer the branch of PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Maths) is chosen while a person who wants to be a doctor would choose Biology subject. Most schools give you the choice of a branch based on the marks you have scored in those subjects in Class 10th. If you do not have good marks in those subjects along with good overall marks you might not get the choice of the stream you wanted.


The marks obtained by a student in 10th Class act as an academic parameter according to you are judged. These marks are taken into consideration when you enroll in a Higher Secondary School. Not just that, they are a given significance even when you take admission in a college or university. IIMs, as well as most top MBA colleges, take 10th marks into consideration in their selection process. 10th marks also form a part of your resume; a resume that you are supposed to provide when you apply for a job. Hence, while these marks are the first step towards shaping your career, they also have a lasting impact.


Prestigious colleges and organizations also look to your 10th Class result for psychological purposes. Class 10th is the first time that a student is confronted with a significantly harder examination on a larger scale. Many students also prepare for NTSE along with their Class 10th preparation. The ability of a student to be able to handle this pressure and not succumb to anxiety is important. It also shows whether a student is able to plan and organize their preparation strategies efficiently. Hence, this result speaks volumes about the student’s nature and abilities.


Your performance in Class 10th is also a clear indicator of your level, not just amongst students of your school, but of those all over India. Its National Scale demands that be taken seriously. Those who perform well get a strong motivation boost while others who are unable to get a harsh wake-up call. You are also able to identify through their 10th board exam what helped them and what didn’t. This knowledge helps them efficiently tackle 12th Boards and perform even better.

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