How to Study Mathematics For Class 10?

Mathematics is the subject which scares most of the students, some students love it and some hate to study it. But, the truth is you cannot avoid to study Mathematics. To make mathematics little easy to study NTSE Guru providing you the tips which will help you to develop your study skills in class X maths :

1. Prepare ‘Concept Map’ To Understand Each Chapter

To understand any chapter conceptually and to make proper approach towards the topics, NTSE Guru guide students to prepare concept map of each chapter in mathematics and study them in specific manner. A concept map is a type of graphic organizer used to help you organize and represent knowledge of a subject. Start with the main topic and divide it into specific topics related to it.

For example: In a big chapter like ‘Surface Areas & Volumes’ concept map can be like:

Surface Area & Volumes

2. Practice ‘Mental Calculations’

Practicing Mental Questions makes your brain work actively and develop smart ability to solve any type of questions. Practicing also helps to avoid silly mistakes. The silly mistakes become game changer sometimes. The practice papers are precisely designed by NTSE Guru which will enhance your mental ability.

Mental Practice

3. Practice ‘Multiple Concept’ Problems

NTSE Guru expert ‘Miracle Man of NTSE’ Mr. Vipin Joshi always says if you will practice hard you will reach your goal definitely. To practice in a proper manner categorize your problems into five streams:

1 Knowledge based 25%
2 Understanding (Comprehension) 29%
3 Application 24%
4 Higher order thinking skills (HOTS) 17%
5 Evaluation 5%
Multiple Concept

4. Solve Randomly

You can watch the video ‘golden tips for class X‘ by Harshal Sir. His tips are so worthful which will impact your problem solving skills. When you attempt different problems one after the other, the brain releases ‘neurotransmitter dopamine’ that helps to maintain:

  • Positive Mood
  • Better concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Good motor skill

Hence, one must solve many problems at a time from any chapter of any book.

Solve Randomly

5. Mock Papers & Analysis

We provide the best way of solving mock test papers in a time-bound manner and analysing them. NTSE Guru practice papers are designed by extreme specialists. According to them, for solving mathematical problems you need to match your thinking speed with writing speed. Team NTSE Guru has prepared the set of questions that are most likely to be asked in forthcoming NTS Examination.

Mock Papers

This tips will definitely improve your subject knowledge and you may be able to develop your interest in Mathematics. Prepare accordingly to get proper outcomes of your class X preparation.

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