How To Utilize Your Summer Vacation For NTSE Preparation?

The sooner you start preparing for NTSE, the sooner things will start falling in place. Early prep also helps to keep the panic levels low and those who prepare late will surely understand what I am talking about. Last minute panic is no good after all when NTSE is a one time chance. So, summer vacations are the best time to focus on MAT and exercise your brain. As, once the school starts, your focus will shift towards school subjects and other extracurricular activities.

A thorough reading can also be managed for Social Science from State Board as well as NCERT books. If you would like to give your preparation slightly more push then you can even frame MCQs on your own after reading the books. But it is a tedious task and if you are on the lazier side or do not want to bear so much trouble then it is prudent for you to take the help of websites which are entirely focused and formulated for NTSE preparation. One such fantastic website is that of NTSEguru and you will be amazed to know that it is having the feature of All India Test Series in the name of Ashwamegh which gives you proper exposure at par with NTSE level. So, if you invest your summer vacation in preparation, by the time of the actual exam, you might have already faced numerous tests.

You can cover common topics as SAT section and 10th Board course almost matches, only the way of questioning differs but the course material remains the same. So, preparing in the summer vacation not only keeps you ahead for NTSE but also for school and board examinations.

The concepts need to be mastered beforehand and this can be achieved by watching NTSEguru’s Concept Lectures, it is a very interesting way for a tech-savvy generation like that of ours.

Appear in as many practice tests as you can for MAT but before that thoroughly prepare for each topic, be it Clocks and Calendars; Speed, Time and Distance; Work and Time, etc. because only after you have solved a variety of questions, then only you will be able to solve NTSE MAT efficiently.

NTSE is a challenge for the harebrained, either you should have an inborn talent for that or you must be able to do a lot of hard work, so gear up in this summer vacation and be it MAT or SAT, practice as much as you can for your NTSE.

In the summer vacation itself, learn to manage time wisely, give equal attention to all topics. Boards will be in March however NTSE stage I will be in November, so now you know why summer vacation time is a crucial hour. I will tell you more of ‘why’ NTSE prep in summer vacations than ‘how’. Because, ‘How’ you will somehow decode on your own but when you will understand ‘Why’, it will be easier to implement ‘How’.

Now, let me tell you the perfect summer vacation plan for NTSE prep

1) Concentrate on Objective type questions for Social Science
2) Focus on MAT more
3) Practice a maximum number of questions and be keen in finding the answers and easiest method to solve
4) Subscribe for a good portal after 15 days of your preparation if you have gauged that you can’t do the preparation on your own
5) Other than the course books, try to take more visual aid such as video lectures to keep your studies interesting. Don’t go for additional books in the market because this is entirely untrue in the current scenario – more the books, better the preparation. Be target oriented in your preparation
6) Make charts in your room to revise the topics later
7) Be thorough of your concepts, conceptual clarity is important in MAT as well as SAT
8) There is a pattern of questions when it comes to any one topic, go from easy to tough to develop more expertise on one topic

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