NCERT solutions class 10 geography
Class X

Class 10 NCERT Solutions – Geography

Geography is an important part of Social Science. The subject involves study of Earth and its features, land, climate, temperature, inhabitant etc. It bridges the gap between human and its surroundings. Subjects like Geography do not get much attention from the teachers. Sometimes students get confused even between some geographic terminologies. NTSE Guru Team has […]

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Economics
Class IX

Class 9 NCERT Solutions – Economics

In Class IX students come across Economics which is an important subject not just from the exam point of view but also from the perspective of a citizen. It’s very crucial to be aware of what’s happening in the economic sector of our country. Economics is a wide and complex subject, in Class IX students […]

Class 9 NCERT Solutions Civics
Class IX

Class 9 NCERT Solutions – Civics

Civics is considered to be an important subject in Social Science. It helps students understand the political side of the country and how government of the country actually works. Civics also allows students to understand the basic right and laws of the country. If you find yourself seeking more knowledge on Civics then you must […]

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Geography
Class IX

Class 9 NCERT Solutions – Geography

Theoretical subjects require quality answers to ace the examination. Sometimes students find it really difficult to write proper answers when it comes to a subject like Geography. NTSE Guru has brought you compiled NCERT solutions which would help you frame better answers in your examination. The solutions are provided in a simple language, which would […]


How To Fill NTSE Form

National Talent Search Examination is one of the most prestigious exams for the students of Class X. Its core purpose is to identify talented students and nurture them by providing financial support for an entire academic career.  It is a two-tier selection process: Tier- 1 is conducted by the State Board on the first Sunday […]