Class 9 Sample Papers – Maths

Class IX develops your basics and prepares you for competitive examinations. If your basics of maths aren’t clear and strong, you would struggle a lot in higher classes. Maths requires consistent practice for improvement.  Solving sample papers is the best way to practice maths. It provides you variety of questions and improves your speed. NTSEGURU faculties have developed incredible sample papers for the students to practice from. You can access all the sample papers, NCERT solutions, examination files and a lot more in study material section of NTSEGuru.

Meanwhile, here’s a sample paper you can practice from.

This sample paper is based one subject- Maths only. You can appear in this test before seeing the video lectures of this subject too. This will give you an idea of your current level of preparation.

After seeing the video lecture, when you appear in this test again, you can see the progress – the effect of learning on your results.

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