Sample Papers – NTSE MAT

MAT is considered one of the most difficult sections of NTSE by the students. It’s confusing and time consuming. To solve MAT, you need to keep your mind clear which is difficult when the clock is ticking and you have other sections to attempt. Anything done in hurry doesn’t end well; the same applies to attempting MAT. If you want to do well in your NTSE, you need to start preparing prior to the exam. MAT can be improved only and only by practicing enough. Sample papers are the ultimate tool to be better at it because they introduce you to different types of questions as well as provide you an insight of where you’re lacking. They also help you assess which type of question takes you longer, which would help you divide your time efficiently during the exam.  Here’s one of the sample papers from tests section developed by experienced NTSEGuru experts that you can practice from to analyze where you stand.

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