NTSE Mock Test – SAT

During an exam, one thing that plays a crucial role apart from knowing all the topics and concepts is your speed. If you are not capable of completing your test on time, then all your months of preparation will go in waste. SAT includes some of the most time-consuming subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. If you want your hard work and determination to pay off in the right way, you would need to improve your speed and to do the same you should attempt as many mock tests as possible.  Here’s a mock test paper designed by our highly experienced faculties. Try to solve more such papers from the study material section of NTSEGuru to ace your NTSE.



1.   A body covers one-third of the distance with a velocity {{v}_{1}}, the second one-third of the distance with a velocity {{v}_{2}} and the remaining distance with a velocity {{v}_{3}}. The average velocity is:

 (a) \frac{{{v}_{1}}+{{v}_{2}}+{{v}_{3}}}{3}                          (b) \frac{3{{v}_{1}}{{v}_{2}}{{v}_{3}}}{{{v}_{1}}{{v}_{2}}+{{v}_{2}}{{v}_{3}}+{{v}_{3}}{{v}_{1}}} 

(c) \frac{{{v}_{1}}{{v}_{2}}+{{v}_{2}}{{v}_{3}}+{{v}_{3}}{{v}_{1}}}{3}               (d) \frac{{{v}_{1}}{{v}_{2}}{{v}_{3}}}{3}

Force and laws of motion      

2.    Two forces of 5 N and 3 N acts on a body in opposite directions in a straight line as shown here. The resultant force is:East - West

(a) 3 N in the direction of AB                         

(b) 2 N in the direction of AB

(c) 4 N in the direction of AC                         

(d) 5 N in the direction of AC


3.    A sound wave travels from east to west, in which direction do the particles of air move?

(a) East – west          (b) North – south        (c) Up and down    (d) None of these


4.    The tidal waves in the sea are primarily due to

(a) The gravitational effect of the moon on the earth

(b) The gravitational effect of the sun on the earth

(c) The gravitational effect of the Venus on the earth

(d) The gravitational effect of the earth itself


5.    A ray of light is incident normally on a plane mirror. The angle of reflection will be

            (a) 0{}^\circ                                                                  (b) 90{}^\circ                            

            (c)  Will not be reflected                                (d)  None of the above

 6.    The light reflected by a plane mirror may form a real

(a)  If the rays incident on the mirror are diverging

(b)  If the rays incident on the mirror are converging

(c)  If the object is placed very close to the mirror

(d) Under no circumstances

7.    A plane mirror produces a magnification of

(a) – 1                                                                  (b) + 1

(c)  Zero                                                              (d)  Between 0 and +\,\,\infty

Human Eye & Colorful world

8.    The impact of an image on the retina remains for

(a)  0.1 second         (b) 0.5 second          (c)  10 second         (d) 0.06 second

9.    A man is suffering from colour blindness for green colour. To remove this defect, he should use goggles of

            (a)  Green colour glasses                                           (b) Red colour glasses

            (c)  Smoky colour glasses                                         (d) None of the above

10.  Given below is the path taken by light as it enters the human eye. What is Z?


(a) Cornea                 (b) Lens                (c) Retina               (d)  Ciliary muscles


11.    When a body is negatively charged by friction, it means:

(a) The body has acquired excess of electrons           

(b) The body has acquired excess of protons

(c) The body has loosed some electrons         

(d) The body has acquired excess of neutrons

12.    What is the potential difference between the terminals of a battery if 250 joule of work is required to transfer 20 coulomb of charge from one terminal of the battery to the other?

(a) 25 V                      (b) 20 V                      (c) 12.5 V                  (d) 0 V

13.    One ampere is equal to:

(a) {{10}^{6}}\mu A                  (b) {{10}^{-6}}\mu A                (c) {{10}^{-3}}\mu A                   (d) 10 mA


Matter in our surrounding

14.    Which of the following has fixed shape and volume?                        

(a) Liquid                     (b) Liquid & gas          (c) Gas                      (d) Solid

Is matter around us pure

15. Pair of Miscible liquid among the following is…..                                    

(a) alcohol and water   (b) milk and blood      

(c) oil and water           (d) kerosene and water

Atoms and molecules

16.  In \text{S}{{\text{O}}_{\text{2}}} and \text{S}{{\text{O}}_{3}}, the ratio of the mass of oxygen which combines with a fixed mass of sulphur is 2 : 3. This is an example of the law of

(a) Constant proportion                                                (b) Multiple proportion

(c) Reciprocal proportion                                 (d) Gay Lussac

Structure of atoms

17.  Proton was discovered by:

(a) J.J. Thomson        (b) Chadwick         (c) E.Goldstein          (d) Rutherford

Chemical Reactions & Equations

18.    Which of the following are exothermic processes?                  

(i) Reaction of water with quick lime  

(ii) Dilution of an acid

(iii) Evaporation of water                       

(iv) Sublimation of Camphor (Crystals)

(a) (i) and (ii)                                       (b) (ii) and (iii)            

(c) (i) and (iii)                                      (d) (iii) and (iv)

19.  When a burning splinter is brought near the gas jar containing hydrogen gas a popping sound is observed. It is due to                                    

(a) exothermic reaction                                               

(b) endothermic reaction                                 

(c) exothermic and endothermic reaction                    

(d) none of these

20.  The chemical reactions and its corresponding observable features are matched below. The correct option is






Change in temperature


Magnesium reacting with dilute sulphuric acid


Evolution of a gas


Potassium iodide reacting with lead nitrate


Formation of a precipitate


Sulphur dioxide gas reacting with acidified potassium dichromate solution


Change in Colour


Zinc granules reacting with dilute sulphuric acid

(a) A – iii , B – iv, C – i, D – ii                                   

(b) A – iv, B – i, C – ii, D – iii

(c) A – i, B – iv, C – iii, D – ii                                    

(d) A – iv, B – ii, C – iii, D – i

21.  KX{{O}_{3}}(s) when mixed with water, temperature of solution falls. This reaction is:

(a) Endothermic reaction                                 (b) Exothermic reaction

(c) Cooling reaction                                           (d) Heating reaction

22.  The ratio of Hydrogen and Oxygen by mass in water is:                        

(a) 1 : 8                        (b) 8 : 1                        (c) 2 : 1                        (d) 1 : 2

Acids, Bases & Salts

23.  Which of the following acid molecule differ from other molecules regarding their total number of valence electrons ?         

(a) HCl{{O}_{4}}                 (b) {{H}_{3}}P{{O}_{4}}                 (c) HN{{O}_{3}}                   (d) {{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}

24. If a few drops of a concentrated acid accidentally spill over the hand of a student, what should be done?

(a) Wash the hand with saline water

(b) Wash the hand immediately with plenty of water and apply a paste of sodium hydrogen carbonate

(c) After washing with plenty of water apply solution of sodium hydroxide on the hand

(d) Neutralize the acid with a strong alkali  

25. Which of the following is acidic in nature?            

(a) Lime juice           (b) Human blood         (c) Lime water            (d) Antacid    

26.    Which one of the following oxides gives pink colour with phenolphthalein indicator in aqueous solution ?

(a) {{N}_{2}}O                      (b) NO                            (c) CaO                        (d) C{{O}_{2}}



27.  During rainy season, wooden doors are difficult to open or close. It is due to

(a) Plasmolysis           (b) Osmosis          (c) Imbibition         (d) Dehydration


28.  Function of lenticels in plant is …                                                                     

(a) Photosynthesis      (b) Excretion      (c) Respiration       (d) Coordination

 Improvement in food resources

29.  Plants can be made disease-resistant by:

(a) Heat treatment                                           

(b) hormone treatment

(c) colchicine treatment                                                                      

(d) breeding with their wildly growing relatives


30.  The 5-kingdom classification is based on :

(a)  Complexity of cell structure                     

(b)  Complexity of organism’s body

(c)  Mode of nutrition                                     

(d)  All the above

31.    6C{{O}_{2}}+\xrightarrow{?}\xrightarrow[?]{Sunlight}{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{12}}{{O}_{6}}+6{{O}_{2}}+6{{H}_{2}}O

Which two raw materials required for photosynthesis are missing in the above equations?

(a)  Oxygen and Water      

(b) Oxygen and Calcium

(c)  Water and Chlorophyll                             

(d)  Chlorophyll and Oxygen

32.  Match the organisms given in Column- I with the nutritional processes given in Column – II


Column – I


Column – II




Holozoic Nurition




Autotrophic Nutrition




Parasitic Nutrition


Green plant


Saprophytic Nutrition

(a)        (ii), (iv), (i), (iii)             (b)        (iii), (i), (iv), (ii)          

(c)        (i), (iv), (iii), (ii)             (d)        (iv), (iii), (ii), (i)         

33.  Delay in blood clotting is due to the deficiency of the following vitamin.     

(a)  Vitamin C          (b)  Vitamin B5          (c)  Vitamin B6          (d)  Vitamin K

34.  During photosynthesis, the oxygen gas comes from :                        

 (a) C{{O}_{2}}                (b) Water        (c) Both C{{O}_{2}} and water     (d) Oxygen via air

35.    Development of muscle cramps during sudden activity is due to accumulation of :

(a)  Lactic acid             (b)  Lactose              (c)  Lactogen            (d)  Lactulose

Control and Coordination

36.    Which of the following plant hormones induces cell division?          

(a) Auxin              (b) Gibberellin             (c) Ethylene                 (d) Cytokinin

37.    What is the weight of the brain of an adult human?

(a) 1350gm           (b) 1.350gm                 (c) 1530gm                  (d) 3150gm

 38.    Name the plant hormone responsible for falling of senescent leaves.

(a) Gibberelin       (b) Auxin                  (c) Cytokinin             (d) Abscisic Acid

 39.    How many pairs of spinal nerves arise from spinal cord?                        (a) 31 Pairs         (b) 30 Pairs                  (c) 40 Pairs                  (d) None of these

 40.    Which endocrine gland does regulate the level of phosphorus in blood?       

(a) Thyroid                  (b) Parathyroid            (c) Adrenal         (d) Pituitary



41.    Which one of the following is a polynomial?

(a) \frac{{{x}^{2}}}{2}-\frac{2}{{{x}^{2}}}               (b) \sqrt{2x}-1                 (c) {{x}^{2}}+\frac{3{{x}^{\frac{3}{2}}}}{\sqrt{x}}              (d) \frac{x-1}{x+1}.

Number systems

42.    The rational form of -25.6875 is:-

(a) -\frac{411}{16}                   (b) -\frac{421}{16}                      (c) -\frac{431}{16}                    (d) -\frac{441}{16}

Lines and angles

43.    In one angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the other two angles, then the triangle is:

(a) An isosceles                                               (b) An obtuse triangle

(c) An equilateral triangle                            (d) A right triangle


44.    The length of two sides of a triangle are 15 cm and 21 cm, then the third side will be

(a)  6 cm                                                     (b) 36 cm                       

(c)  more than 6 but less than 36 cm    (d) more than 36 cm

Heron’s formula

45.    In each side of a D is halved then its perimeter will be decreased by

(a) 100%                      (b) 50%                       (c) 25%                        (d) None

Coordinate geometry

46.    Point (-10, 0) lies

(a) on the negative direction of the x-axis       

(b) on the negative direction of the y-axis

(c) in the third quadrant                                              

(d) in the fourth quadrant

Pair of linear equation in two variables

47.    If the pair of linear equations x-y=1,\,\,x+ky=5 has a unique  solution at x=2,\,\,y=1, then value of k is –

(a) -2                            (b) 3                            (c)-3                             (d) 4

48.    If the sum of the ages of a father and his son in years is 65 and twice the difference of their ages in years is 50, then the age of father is –

(a) 45 years                  (b) 40 years                 (c) 50 years             (d) 55 years


49.    If the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial {{x}^{2}}+(a+1)x+b are 2 and -3, then

(a) a = – 7, b = – 1       (b) a = 5, b = – 1       (c) a = 2, b = – 6       (d) a = 0, b = – 6

50.    The number of polynomials having zeroes as – 2 and 5 is

(a) 1                             (b) 2                           (c) 3                       (d) more than 3

Real numbers

51.    Evaluate ^{3}\sqrt{{{\left( \frac{1}{64} \right)}^{-2}}}

(a) 4                             (b) 16                           (c) 32                           (d) 64

52.    If x=0.\overline{16} then 3x is –

(a) 0.\overline{48}                       (b) 0.\overline{49}                         (c) 0.\overline{5}                          (d) 0.5


53.    The lengths of the diagonals of a rhombus are 16 cm and 12 cm. Then, the length of the side of the rhombus is

(a) 9 cm                       (b) 10 cm                     (c) 8 cm                     (d) 20 cm

54.    If \Delta ABC\,\,\sim \,\,\Delta EDF and \Delta A\,B\,C is not similar to \Delta \,D\,E\,F, then which of the following is not true?

(a) BC. EF = A C. FD                                      (b) AB. EF = AC. DE

(c) BC. DE = AB. EF                                       (d) BC. DE = AB. FD  

Introduction to Trigonometry

55.   \cos {{1}^{o}}\times \cos {{2}^{o}}\times \cos {{3}^{o}}\_\,\_\,\_\,\_\,\_\,\_\,\cos {{179}^{o}} times \cos {{3}^{o}}\_\,\_\,\_\,\_\,\_\,\_\,\cos {{179}^{o}} is equal to

(a) –1                        (b)  0                               (c)  1                              (d)  \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}

56.    The value of \left( {{\sin }^{2}}7{{\frac{1}{2}}^{o}}+{{\cos }^{2}}7{{\frac{1}{2}}^{o}} \right)-\left( {{\sin }^{2}}{{30}^{o}}+{{\cos }^{2}}{{30}^{o}} \right) +\left( {{\sin }^{2}}{{7}^{o}}+{{\cos }^{2}}{{85}^{o}} \right) is equal to

(a) 3                            (b) 3\frac{1}{2}                             (c) 2                          (d) 1

Quadratic Equations

57.    The roots of the equation \left( xa \right)\left( xb \right)+\left( xb \right)\left( xc \right)+\left( xc \right)\left( xa \right)=0 are:

(a) Real                    (b) Not real                  (c) Imaginary               (d) Rational

58.    If \alpha ,\beta are the roots of the equation {{\text{x}}^{\text{2}}}\,\text{+}\,\text{7x}\,\text{+}\,\text{12}\,\text{=}\,\text{0,} then the equation whose roots are {{(\alpha +\beta )}^{2}} and {{(\alpha -\beta )}^{2}} is:

(a) {{\text{x}}^{\text{2}}}\,\text{+}\,\text{50x}\,\text{+}\,49\,\text{=}\,\text{0}                                    (b) {{x}^{2}}-50x+49=0

(c) {{x}^{2}}-50x-49=0                                  (d) {{x}^{2}}+12x+7=0

Arithmetic Progressions

59.    pth term of the series \left( 3-\frac{1}{n} \right)+\left( 3+\frac{2}{n} \right)+\left( 3-\frac{3}{n} \right)+ ….. will be

(a) 3+\frac{p}{n}                      (b) 3-\frac{p}{n}                 (c) 3+\frac{n}{p}                     (d) 3-\frac{n}{p}

60.    8th term of the series 2\sqrt{2}+\sqrt{2}+0+….. will be

(a) -5\sqrt{2}                     (b) 5\sqrt{2}                     (c) 10\sqrt{2}                      (d) -10\sqrt{2}


French Revolution

61.    In April 1792, The National Assembly voted to declare war against which countries?

(a) Prussia          (b) Austria         (c) Both (i) and (ii)     (d) Neither (i) nor (ii)

Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

62.    The whites in the Russian civil war were

(a) Mensheviks                                                           (b) Bolsheviks

(c) Socialist Revolutionaries                           (d) Pro-Czarist

Nazism and the rise of Hitler

63.    When did Germany withdraw from the League of Nations?

(a) 1931                      (b) 1932                      (c) 1933                      (d) 1934

 Nationalism in India

64.    In which year did Mahatma Gandhi start Salt Satyagrah?

(a) 1929                       (b) 1931                       (c) 1930                       (d) 1932

65.    Which session of the Indian National Congress the resolution of complete independence of India’s was adopted.

(a) Surat session                    (b) Nagpur session   

(c) Lahore session                 (d) Calcutta session

66.    Who wrote ” Vande Mataram’ as hymn to the motherland?

(a) Rabindra Nath Tagore                     (b) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

(c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak                        (d) Abanindranath Tagore

Nationalist moment of Indo China

67.    Vietnam gained formal independence in 1945, but it took another_________ decades of fighting before the Republic of Vietnam was formed

(a) two                    (b) three                 (c) four                         (d) five

 68.    The Tonkin Free School was started in 1907 to provide a Western style education. This education included classes in ___________

(a) French                (b) Hygiene             (c) Science               (d) all of these

Rise of nationalism in Europe

69.    Frederic Sorrieu belonged to which nationality?

(a) German                  (b) French               (c) Italian                (d) English

70.    Which one of the following is not true regarding the conservative regimes set up in 1815?

(a) They did not tolerate criticism regarding the legitimacy of autocratic governments

(b) Most of them imposed censorship on press

(c) They believed in the established traditional institutions like Monarchy, Church etc.

(d) They favoured the idea of liberty and freedom


71.    Which city has been named as the Fabled City of Gold?

(a) New York           (b) Pretroika             (c) El Doado            (d) Timbaktu

 72.    When did the Indentured labour system was abolished in India?

(a) 1921                   (b) 1925                       (c) 1915                       (d) 1928


Physical Features of India

73.    Which of the following is responsible for the variation in the colour of soil in different parts of India?

(a) Difference in rock formations                 (b) Weathering

(c) Erosion and deposition                              (d) Land use

India size and location

74.    __________ passes through the middle of India

(a) Tropic of Capricorn                       (b) Tropic of cancer

(c) Equator                                            (d) Greenwich line


75.    The activities of Ganga Action Plan (GAP) phase-I, initiated in _____.

(a) 1982                       (b) 1983                       (c) 1984                       (d) 1985


76.    The phenomenon of the monsoon is only confined to the tropical land lying between –

(a) 20o N and 20o S      (b) 33o N and 33o S    (c) 231/2o N   (d) 40o N and 40o S

Resources and development

77.    Khadar is a type of

(a) Black soil           (b) Alluvial Soil         (c) Laterite Soil       (d) Desert Soil

78.    Resource which can be renewed again are:-

(a) National Resource                                      (b) Potential Resource

(c) Renewable Resources                                 (d) Stock

79.    In which year was the Earth Summit held?

(a) 1990                       (b) 1991                       (c) 1992                       (d) 1993

 Forest and wildlife resources

80.    Mithun is found in which state

(a) Arunachal Pradesh           (b) Assam        (c) Manipur              (d) Tripura

 81.    Andaman teal comes under

(a) Endangered species                                  (b) Vulnerable species

(c) Extinct species                                            (d) Endemic species

Water resources

82.    On which river has Nagarjun Sagar Dam been constructed?

(a) River Coyana       (b) River Krishna     (c) River Godavari     (d) River Tapi

83.    Bamboo drip irrigation is prevalent in which of the following state?

(a) Rajasthan         (b) Meghalaya      (c) Karnataka      (d) Madhya Pradesh  


What is democracy?

84.    The word ‘Democracy’ comes from the Greek word –

(a) Democracia         (b) Demokratia      (c) Demoscratos     (d) Demoskratos

Constitutional design

85.    Nelson Mandela belonged to which of the following political party

(a) African Socialist Congress                         (b) African National Conference

(c) African National Congress                        (d) None of the Above

  Power Sharing

86.    What percent of Belgians speak German.

(a) 3%                          (b) 59%                                   (c) 1%                          (d) 5%

87.    When did the tension started rising between Dutch speaking and French speaking

(a) During 1940’s and 1950’s                           (b) During 1950’s and 1960’s

(c) During 1960’s and 1970’s                           (d) During 1970’s and 1980’s

88.    Main significance of Belgium Model of Power Sharing

(a) Majoritarianism
(b) power shared in all ethnic groups according to their population
(c) on the basis of adult franchise
(d) none of the above


89.    The official languages of India are mentioned in which schedule of the Indian Constitution

(a) 6th                          (b) 7th                          (c) 8th                          (d) 5th

90.    Which level of government in India has the power to legislate on the ‘residuary’ subjects?

(a) Union Government                                     (b) State Government

(c) Local Self-Government                              (d) Both a and b

Democracy and Diversity

91.    When did the Civil Rights Movement take place in USA?

(a) 1953-1958              (b) 1954-1968             (c) 1960-1978              (d) 1946-1968]

92.    Which of this sentence is correct?

(a) The Catholics in Northern Ireland were represented by Nationalist parties.
(b) They demand Northern Ireland should be unified with the Republic of Ireland.
(c) Republic of Ireland was a predominantly Catholic country.
(d) All of the above


The story of village palampur

93.    What is/are the factor of production?

(a) Land                 (b) Capital               (c) Labour             (d) All of the above

People as Resources

94.    Why is literacy rate low among the females

(a) Lack of equal education opportunities       (b) Lack of transport facilities

            (c) Lack of infrastructure                                (d) Lack of income

Poverty as a challenge

95.    The attitude of higher income groups people towards the poor that forces the latter to keep away maintaining any social with the former is known as:

(a) Social awareness                     (b) Social contract   

(c) Social exclusion                       (d) Social contact


96.    Which of the following organization has prepared Human development Report?

(a) World Bank                 (b) IMF                   (c) UNO                   (d) UNDP

 97.    The major source of employment in India is:

(a) Industrial units under private sector                       

(b) Industrial units under public sector

(c) Agriculture and allied activities                 

(d) None of the above

98.    Which of the following is not a cause of economic inequality in India?

(a) Free flow of private property                                

(b) Unemployment and Underemployment

(c) Inflation                                                    

(d) Modernization

Sectors of Indian economy

99.    What kind of activity Teaching is

(a) Primary           (b) Secondary          (c) Tertiary         (d) None of the above

100.    When we produce a good by exploiting natural resources, which Sectors activity it is

(a) Primary          (b) Secondary         (c) Tertiary        (d) None of the above

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