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National Talent Search Examination is one of the most prestigious scholarship programme introduced by the Government of India to identify highly intellectual and academically talented students. It nurtures talented students by providing them financial assistance for an entire academic career. To provide best teaching assistance for NTSE as well as Boards, we have developed NTSEGuru — an online study portal to give you a 360 degree aspect of NTSE preparation. There is no other platform that focuses especially on your NTSE as well as Board exam preparations. The platform is developed under the guidance of renowned Prof. Vipin Joshi, also known as the Miracle Man of NTSE. The App includes everything you would need during your NTSE and Board preparations.

NTSEGuru app has different sections for each subject. Chapters for both SAT and MAT are broken down into three parts:


Classroom learning is considered most effective when it comes to any kind of training. We have brought you a classroom learning experience sitting at a comfort of your home. These lectures are comprised of concept lectures as well as practice lectures to provide you a detailed and insightful study session.

Concept Lectures

The concept lectures are in the form of interactive videos to keep the students engaged throughout the lecture. These lectures also include NTSE important questions, Class X important questions, most probable questions, and chapter-wise previously asked NTSE questions which are hardly available on any other platform. NTSE Guru’s YouTube channel comprises of demo lectures to give the students a brief insight of what they will be offered by this App.

Practice Lectures

Practice Lectures are an effort to make every topic clear to the students. These practice lectures are available after completion of every topic. NTSE, specially MAT is all about practice. In practise lectures, oyou will get to practice each type of question that could be asked in your examination from that specific topic. In practice lectures, you will have full support of your teachers while solving the questions, which will leave no room for any kind of doubt or confusion.


The whole study material has been provided in the text form as well. It will make it easier for the students to revise the chapters at any point of time. The study material consists of Concept theory, Examination files, NCERT solutions and a lot more.

Concept Theory

These are summarised notes developed by our highly experienced NTSE faculties. These concept theories are designed to help student understand a concept in an easier yet effective manner. The concept theory covers every nook and corner of your chapters.

NCERT Solutions

NTSE Guru Team has left no stone unturned. The app includes topic-wise NCERT questions with the ideal solutions. Students would be able to learn and understand the NCERT answers as well as how to write an ideal answer in their Board exam. These topic-wise examination files prove to be an amazing tool for all the students. This is something new and exclusive available only on NTSE Guru App.

Examination files

There are not enough platforms that provide the most important questions that can be asked in boards/school exams. NTSE Guru wants students to understand the best method to solve a problem. This would give students an understanding of the steps where they are going wrong while solving a question. It will also allow them to not dodge the question for later.    


Tests are quintessential part of any exam preparation. These tests by NTSE Guru are designed particularly for your preparation of NTSE and Board examination. Testing your preparation after every topic and chapter would improve your concepts and knowledge of the subject.

Chapter-wise tests

Chapter-wise tests; an objective based test series that will sum up the most important questions for NTSE for each chapter. Not just this, after taking a test, students get a test analysis which includes their scorecard, no. of correct answers, average time taken per question, total time taken that provides students an insight of the type of questions that take them longer to solve. It also includes topics which have been covered in the test (including % Marks) to let the students know which topics need more practice. After attempting the test, students can check the questions and correct answers with a proper descriptive solution. The App also allows students’ to take topic-wise test; it enables them to strengthen each and every topic.

Previous Years’ NTSE Questions

For the preparation of any examination, continuous observation of each year’s paper is necessary to scrutinize the difference in paper pattern, evolution of the type of questions asked over the years, and to evaluate your preparation for the same. NTSE Guru App provides all the necessary material required for the preparation of NTSE as well as Board examination.

All India Test Series

NTSE is conducted on a National level. So, why not include that experience during your NTSE preparation? This is the question that popped into our Expert’s head while developing NTSEGuru App. Students appear for a pre-decided All India NTSE mock test and compete with other students on a National level. All India Test Series are Identical to the official NTSE papers. This exclusive tool provided by NTSEGuru gives students’ an insight of where they stand in their NTSE preparation. It’s a great confidence booster for all the NTSE aspirants.

NTSE Guru Team strive towards delivering our promises with the best study material and tools a NTSE/Class X aspirant could find online. The team is constantly working to provide you the best studying experience you could possibly get.

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