NTSE 2019-2020 Preparation|Study Material, Video Tutorials, Books, Test Series, Important Questions

Cracking National Talent Search Examination is no cakewalk. It is a scholarship program for which over 9 lakh students from across the country compete to achieve the title of ‘NTSE Scholar’. It is a two-tier selection process: Tier I is a state-level exam regulated and conducted by State Board of each State. Tier II is a National level exam regulated and conducted by National Council of Education Research and Training. Only those students who obtain the required minimum marks in Tier I are allowed to proceed in Tier II examination. After this two-tier selection process, only 2000 students are awarded a scholarship for their entire academic career. Hence, NTSE preparation should be done right without leaving a single stone unturned.

If you are confused about where to start your NTSE preparation from, then we’ve got you covered. 

Study Material for NTSE

Having the right study material is very important for NTSE preparation. Students splurge so much money on irrelevant study material and reference books that they end up being confused about the whole syllabus. There are hundreds of books and study material available in the market, but there’s hardly any material that specifically focuses on only NTSE preparation. You would find books with concepts that are not even a part of your NTSE syllabus. Students waste so much time on understanding difficult concepts that they even forget what they have learned. NTSE Guru has compiled a study material that proves to be a complete solution for your NTSE preparation and includes only those topics which are a part of your NTSE syllabus.

Video Tutorials

Students are more likely to learn something when they are having a one on one interactive session with their teacher. Video tutorials are an effective tool which provides students a classroom experience from the comfort of their home. Moreover, students get 24 hours access to all the video lectures which isn’t possible when it comes to regular classroom sessions. These video lectures are interactive and interesting. Even complex subjects like Physics and Chemistry are easy to understand and boring subjects like History and Political science become interesting to study. 

Books for NTSE

 The first question that pops into every NTSE aspirant’s mind is which book to refer to for NTSE preparation or which would be the best book for NTSE Preparation? The answer to this question according to the National Record Holder Prof. Vipin Joshi is – “There is no best book for NTSE preparation”. As mentioned above, some books either include easy and simple course or difficult and out of syllabus topics. You should only refer to your NCERT books and study material that matches the standards of your NTSE syllabus. 

NTSE Important Questions

Familiarity with paper pattern and questions completes one-fourth of your preparation already. Students must always stick to the ultimate NTSE preparation tool which is – Previous years’ Question Papers. These papers give you an insight into the type of questions you would be answering in your paper. It is an amazing practice tool for your preparation. Another thing that would give you benefit in your NTS examination would be the most probable questions. These questions hold the highest possibility to be included in the NTSE paper.

Test Series

Regularly testing your knowledge strengthens your weak areas as well as perfects your strengths. Regular practice is crucial whether it comes to practical subjects like Mathematics and Physics or theoretical subjects like History or Biology. Test your concepts and answers by taking a chapter-wise test and mock test regularly. Another tool which is hardly available anywhere else is All India test series.  These test series allow you to compete with all the NTSE aspirants in an All India Level and gives you an understanding of where you stand in your preparation.

These are all the important tips and tools you would require during your NTSE preparation. Apart from this, you must adopt a habit of regular studies and practice. Click here for more information on NTSE.

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