Class 10 Biology Preparation Strategies

A subject that is completely based on theory is often ignored when it comes to preparation for Science. Students generally give more priority to Physics and Chemistry but forget the importance and weight-age that Biology carries. Your Science marks depend on Biology as much as on the other two subjects. In Class 10, students learn about various important concepts like life processes, reproduction, heredity, etc. In schools, Biology teachers do not get involved with students’ exam preparation as much because it’s a theory subject. Students get 2-3 revision sessions and that’s about it, rest of the preparation is supposed to be done by the students. NTSE Guru Experts are motivated to help every student achieve success in every subject by providing all the necessary strategies the students must follow to reach their full potential.

How to Study Biology Class 10

Here are some effective tips to follow during your Biology preparations:

1. Textbooks are your best friend

Before starting your preparation always read your chapters first. In biology, questions are theory-based so it’s crucial to read the chapters properly.

Text books

2. Cramming doesn’t help

Cramming every chapter is the biggest mistake you can make while preparing for Biology. It’s a theory subject which is more likely to get confusing if you fail to understand the concepts. You can rely on your handwritten notes and video lectures to get the best understanding of every chapter. Making your own notes requires you to write them down which helps you memorize everything quickly. Whereas, video lectures provide you a one on one learning session to strengthen your concepts.

3. Diagrams without correct labeling are useless

Biology consists of many important diagrams. Don’t be one of the students who just take a glance at the diagrams once and believe that would be enough. In every paper, you are asked to draw a diagram, so you must practice every diagram, its labeling, and theory. You would receive less than a half marks if you do not label your diagrams correctly. So, pay attention to the details.


These are some important diagrams you must practice at least twice :

Neurons or the nerve cellsHuman brainHuman excretory systemStructure of heartNutrition in amoebaMale reproductive systems
Budding in yeast and hydraFragmentation is spirogyraLongitudinal section of a flowerHuman respiratory systemReflex arcFemale reproductive system

4. Definitions are pivotal

Get meticulous with key definitions. Definitions are one of the most asked questions in your board examination. Make sure all the definitions are on top of your fingers. You can also add some diagram or illustrations to make the answers better. If you find definitions from your textbook difficult, you can learn from the study material available on NTSE Guru.

5. Test your knowledge

Unless and until you test your knowledge, you wouldn’t know your progress. Take a chapter-test every time you complete a chapter. This is like a revision to analyze your understanding of the subject.

Test Your Knowledge

6. Improve your answers

In Biology paper, you are required to write what you know. Sometimes it gets difficult for students to frame an answer even after knowing the concepts well. To get an understanding of the perfect formation of an answer you can go through examination files and NCERT solutions. These are the great assets for your preparation.

7. Practice is your saviour

Practicing your diagrams and answers are very important. It introduces your brain to the same information over and over again, allowing it to get stored permanently. Practice your ncert questions, practice from sample papers and practice sheets. Also, make sure to solve at least four previous years’ question papers before your exam. 

These preparation strategies are realistic and effective. By following these strategies, you would be able to pave the way for a better result in your Board examinations. Biology is not just a theory subject, it’s a way of understanding life and how it functions. It’s a way of knowing yourself and your surroundings. We encourage you to understand the concepts instead of learning them for the sake of an exam. Understanding concepts would always help you in the long run.  

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