Class 10 Chemistry Preparation Strategies

Chemistry is one of the most feared subjects. The complicated equations, confusing symbols, and elements traumatize almost all students. But with the right study techniques, mentors, and determination you will be able to master Chemistry in no time. Class 10 Chemistry is pivotal for students who want to pursue their studies in Science. Everything you learn in Class 10 will benefit you in your further studies and career. Hence, NTSE Guru Experts have given some effective preparation tips which would help you become a master in Chemistry.

How to Study Chemistry Class 10

1. Don’t underestimate the power of notes

Students do not take notes often. But you must realize that taking your own notes requires you to write them down which basically helps you understand the concept easily. It also helps you memorize the details. If notes taking is not something you’re good at then you can rely on perfectly crafted notes by NTSE Guru.

2. Terminologies and symbols are essential

These are the most basic yet important things in Chemistry. You should be thorough with all the terminologies used in this subject as well as all the important chemical reactions and symbols. This would help you understand the chapter better and it will make your answer more credible and related.

3. Textbooks to the rescue

Read your textbooks thoroughly and then follow up your concepts by studying material given on NTSE Guru. This would brush up your concepts better by providing you more in-depth knowledge of the chapters. 

Textbooks to the rescue

4. Take advantage of interesting study material

Chemistry is easily understood when explained with examples in great detail. NTSE Guru Experts have cracked the code to make Chemistry an interesting subject for each and every student.  When you’re done with your NCERT books you must watch the chemistry video lectures to clear the important concepts and all your doubts.

5. Use Mnemonics

Remember how in lower classes your teachers made you learn all 7 colors of the rainbow by creating a song using the first letter of each color. These mnemonics are still effective to memorize important elements, especially when you are having trouble remembering all the elements in the Periodic table. For example, ‘Happy Henry Lives Beside Boron Cottage, Near Our Friend Nelly Nancy MgAllen. Silly Patrick Stays Close. Aria Kicks Carrie’. This is useful to memorize the first 20 elements.

6. Visualize the structure

While studying chemistry visualize the structure and try to identify the name and bonds when given the symbol and chemical formula.

Visualize the structure

7. Test your progress

It’s important to take daily tests to identify how well you’ve understood all the concepts, elements, chemical formula. You can either give an objective testor a subjective test. Both the tests would be effective to identify your understanding of the chapter.

8. Make sample papers and previous years’ question papers your friends.

These are the most effective tools to analyze your progress. Every time you solve a sample paper or previous years’ question paper you learn something new and important. You would also identify many repetitive questions asked in the past years in Board exams.

These are some of the important and effective tips followed by all the masters of Chemistry. Your chemistry preparation must be based on 80% practice and 20% understanding of all the theoretical knowledge. You can practice daily by using practice sheets and by attending practice lectures after every chapter. After all, Chemistry is all about consistent practice and determination.

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