Class 10 Physics Preparation Strategies

Preparation for a subject like Physics is different than the theoretical subjects. Mugging up Physics will not help you in the long run. It requires you to understand the concepts for the proper application of formulas and laws. Class 10th Physics will pave the way for your higher studies. Hence, using the right strategies in the initial stage is crucial. Students find it quite difficult to study Physics in an effective way. So, NTSE Guru Physics Experts have given some important preparation strategies which would guide you towards your path to conquer Physics.

1. Be aware of your the Exam pattern and syllabus

It’s important to be familiar with your exam pattern to get an insight into the number of multiple type questions, short, and long answers that can be asked in the examination. Stay updated with your syllabus too. Some students waste their time studying chapters that are out of syllabus. Do not waste your precious time making such mistakes. Note down your syllabus and stick it where you usually study.

2. Prioritize regular studies

Don’t wait for the last week or 2 days prior to the exam to start preparing for it. Physics consists of many laws, formulas, and concepts that it becomes hard for a student to grasp it all in one day. Your brain needs time to absorb and process all the new information, give it time by studying regularly. Regular studies are proved to be more effective than studying for long hours during your examination period.

3. Master the basics

According to our Physics experts, it is very crucial to master all the basics first. Students tend to focus so much on new and complex concepts that they do not invest enough time on basics, thinking it’s too easy or they will not forget those basic concepts. Ask yourself how many times you’ve forgotten something really simple and easy and lost your marks. Pay attention to your basic concepts and terms otherwise, you’ll have to pay the price during your exam.

Master the basics

4. Be thorough with your textbooks

Though Physics is a practical subject, most of the multiple-choice questions and short questions are asked from the theory. If you do not enjoy reading your school books you can rely on study material provided by NTSE Guru. If reading isn’t your thing, you can always choose to see amazing video lectures.

5. Go through solved problems

Your NCERT books consist of many solved problems, and NTSE Guru also provides you multiple solved problems which have been paper setter’s favorite. You must go through these problems first before solving other questions. Understand the concepts and try to solve these problems on your own and then compare the solving techniques given in the books and used by you.

6. Mnemonics make everything easy

Physics includes multiple formulas, which are likely to confuse students, especially during the exam.

Volts = Amps x ResistanceVampires Are Rare
Work: FormulaLots of Work makes me Mad!
Work = Mad
M = Mass
A = Acceleration
D = Distance

7. Strengthen your calculations

Physics calculations are closely related to solving techniques of Maths. To ace your Physics numerical, it’s important to be good at solving basic mathematical calculations.

8. Do not use calculators

While preparing for their exam, students use calculators to save time. This habit really impacts your speed and accuracy during your exam. Boards do not permit the use of calculators, so you must avoid using calculators during your preparations as well.

Do not use calculators

9. Organizing information keeps things clear

Whenever you are solving a numerical, organize the given information. Write down what is available to you, this little effort makes finding an answer easier than you could imagine.

10. Take full advantage of your lab sessions

Understanding Physics is easier when it is taught practically. Chapters like Magnetic effects of electric currents, electricity, and light are practical based chapters. It would be very easy for you to understand the concepts and laws of these chapters through practical. Hence, do not take your lab sessions lightly.

Take full advantage of your lab sessions

11. Regular tests are crucial

Once you’ve finished the theory and numerical, take a chapter test to analyze your concepts and problem-solving techniques. You can either take an objective-based test or subjective based test to analyze your precise understanding of the chapter. These tests prevent you to skip to the next chapter unless and until you have perfected your first chapter.

12. Practice makes you perfect

Don’t underestimate the power of practice. In Physics, practice plays an important role. It helps you get familiar with terminologies and different solving techniques. Use standard practice sheets to practice from and avoid any irrelevant free online tests or practice sheets that do not match the standard of your board papers.

13.  Swear by previous years’ papers

Every Physics master swears by previous years’ question papers. These papers are very useful to analyze your understanding of the entire subject and to identify your weak areas. Solving these papers within the given deadline would also optimize your time, speed and accuracy of the answer.

These are the basic tips to remember while preparing for Physics examination. During your regular studies do not skip any difficult concept for later. In Physics, every concept and law related to another, so skipping even one can ruin your understanding of the entire topic. You must revise from either concept lectures or concept theory to avoid any kind of doubt.  Study regularly during your exams and don’t forget to take breaks.

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