Class 10 Social Science Preparation Strategies

Social Science has never been any student’s favorite subject. It’s not because the subject is boring but because the teaching methodology and the way of studying that is being used isn’t interesting enough. Have you ever wondered how you can watch historical movies and shows without getting bored but as soon as you start studying history or civics you become either sleepy or get bored? The answer to this question is the lack of interest and ineffective ways of studying. Social Science is an important subject for your 10th Board examination. NTSE Guru Experts have brought you some effective ways of studying that would make Social Science interesting for you and would help you prepare for your boards better.

How to Prepare for Social Science Exam Class 10

1. Be familiar with the theory

Social is a theoretical subject. Hence, theory plays an important role. Before starting the preparations for your exams, make sure to read the chapters first. You do not need to know the chapters in detail but a brief knowledge of all the chapters will always be helpful.

2. Highlight the important elements

Once you’ve your notes, highlight all the important events, dates, years, countries, names, etc. and prepare a sheet only for these highlighted elements. Stick that sheet right where you study and refer to it whenever needed. It’s an amazing way to quickly revise the chapter on the go. This would also help you prepare for multiple-choice questions.

3.  Understand the answers

Students think mugging up would help them remember the answers properly but it’s completely wrong. You are more likely to forget an answer if you cram it up instead of understanding it. Learn simple and straight to the point answers. On NTSE Guru you can find all the NCERT answers in simple and easy to understand language. 


4. Writing the answers is vital

Writing the answers play an important role in Social Science preparation. Always write an answer after learning it. This will help you remember it better.

5.  Study alternate days

Don’t study all four Social Science subjects on the same day. If you are studying history on Monday then choose another subject like Physics or Chemistry with it. Then study Geography with Maths the next day and so on. Like this, you won’t get bored of studying and it will keep you interested in the whole day.

6.  Rely on interesting study material

Sometimes students just do not want to study theoretical subjects, at that time you can always rely on video lectures. These lectures are really beneficial for you; they give you in-depth knowledge of the chapter and help you learn the answers with just a little effort. More importantly, you can watch these anywhere at any time.

Intresting Study Material

7. Sample paper is your best friend

Even during the preparation of subject like social science, solving sample paper is a must. It consists of questions from different chapters, so it’s a great way to understand how thorough and prepared you are with each chapter. Solving sample papers also help you form better answers in less time and optimize your time and speed.

8. Do not ignore maps and diagrams

Maps and diagrams are ignored by many students. If there’s one question that you could be sure to show up in your exam it would be either maps or diagrams. You are most likely to be asked to identify stats with major soil types, the state with largest agricultural production of rice, wheat, cotton, tea, sugarcane, jute; major iron ore belts in India, etc. to name the few. Go through all the maps and diagrams, and practice them at least twice.

9. Self -assessment

Testing yourself is crucial to identify your weaker areas. After every chapter, you must attempt a chapter-test. This would give you an insight of how thorough you are with that specific chapter.

Self -assessment 

10.  Previous years question papers are substantial

Once you are done with chapter-test and sample papers, you must solve previous years’ question papers. These question papers provide you the same experience of giving a board examination. Whenever you solve past years’ question papers always time yourself. Give yourself a 3- hour deadline and try to complete the paper within the given deadline. Once you are done with it either check it yourself or ask someone else to do it. This would help you analyze your entire preparation.    

Never study social science with a mindset that it’s boring and lengthy. It is an interesting subject if you take an interest in it. These social science preparation tips/strategies prove to be very effective when followed properly on a regular basis. If you find following your NCERT books difficult then you can rely on ntseguru for perfectly designed social science video lectures and concept theories.

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