How to Become a Topper

Every student dreams of becoming a topper. To be known as the brightest student with many awards and accolades is a moment of pride. Any student can be a topper because every student is capable of doing it. They are provided with the same resources, teachers, exam papers, etc; yet some students come out as the brightest and others don’t.

To be a topper, you must make the most out of what you have. This blog post has been developed by NTSEGuru experts to help you in your journey to becoming a topper.  


Planning is important when it comes to building your career. If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Preceding anything without a plan will lead you nowhere. Every topper has a plan that takes them closer to their goal.

Stop Procrastination

Know the value of time. Don’t put off something for tomorrow which you can do today. Having a plan is important but turning that plan into action is what gets you where you want to be. Procrastination plays a huge role when it comes to failure. Most students wait for tomorrow to start doing something. They do not start studying when they have time then they try to mug up everything at the last minute. Toppers do not procrastinate; they start and finish everything at the scheduled time. If you have an assignment, homework, a chapter you’re supposed to read; do it today, don’t push it for tomorrow.

Time Management

Toppers make every minute count. They do not waste their time on unnecessary things. Make a suitable and realistic daily and weekly planner and follow it, religiously. Managing each hour of each day adds up to your future. This would help you avoid unnecessary daily activities and balance your study schedule. It will also help you meet deadlines as well as save you from last-minute stress.

Understand More, Mug Up Less

Mugging up concepts, formulas, and answers will not help you in the long run. Not every question requires you to memorize everything. Study to understand, this way you’ll never forget the important things even during the exam stress. You can also rely on video lectures for a better understanding of a topic.

Practice Makes You Perfect

Practice makes you perfect is not just a saying, it’s a fact. Consistent practice is the key to success. If you are consistent in any activity, you automatically start improving. Studying and practicing every single day would make you better even in your weakest areas. Nobody is born perfect at something; they achieve the level of perfection by consistent practice and effort.

Regular Test

While you’re preparing for your exams, keep a tab on your preparations. Take regular tests to avoid last-minute preparations. Testing yourself is very important when it comes to knowing where you stand in your preparations. It’s a great way to analyze your preparation. Take chapter tests after completing a chapter or solve sample papers. Regular test not only provide you an analysis but they also maintain and improve your preparation.


Students generally do not take out enough time for revision. Hence, they forget really important formulas, concepts, definitions, etc. during the exams. To become a topper, you need to make sure your syllabus is complete on time and you have enough time to revise everything that you’ve learned. Try to revise every subject at least twice. Revision before exams is far more important than learning something new. Revise what you have already studied instead of wasting time on learning a new concept.

Avoid Last-minute Preparations

Before exams, students try to learn new topics/concepts that they think might come in the exam but they forget that this makes them highly capable of forgetting or confusing everything that they have learned. Topper students finish everything important in time and avoid studying any new concepts, questions, formulas, etc. at the last minute. Stick to what you have learned so far and revise it instead of wasting time on new topics.

Solve Sample Papers and Previous Years’ Papers

Toppers swear by sample and previous years’ papers. These papers allow you to have an exam experience before the final examination. They help you optimize your time, speed as well as the accuracy of the answers. While solving these papers you would also understand the type of questions as well as the repetitive questions that are asked in the examinations.

To become a topper you must always focus on your goal. Anything that doesn’t add to your goal is not important for you. Choose your actions wisely. You can always take some time off from your studies and treat yourself but it should be balanced. You must not sacrifice your studies in any way. Thumb rule to become a topper is practice, revision, and detailed understanding of every topic and subject. For more details must visit –

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