NTSE Preparation Tips 2019-2020

National Talent Search Examination is a national level scholarship program conducted every year by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). The exam is conducted in two stages: Stage 1 is conducted and regulated by the States/UT’s in the month of November, whereas stage 2 is conducted by NCERT. All the students studying in Class X of any recognized school are eligible to take the examination. However, only those candidates who manage to clear stage 1 are eligible to appear in Stage 2 of NTS Examination which is conducted in the month of May every year.

State Level Talent Search Examination is right around the corner and students have already started preparing for the examination. Most students simultaneously do their preparation for NTSE as well as Class IX and X. But if you are one of the students who are still confused about when and how to start the NTSE preparation then keep reading.

Start Right Now

Waiting for the right time to start your preparation may not be the smartest thing to do. To conquer NTSE, start preparing for it as early as possible. Some students start their preparation in Class IX itself and some wait until the last month to start the preparation, the latter wouldn’t give you the result you seek. If you wish to conquer NTSE, you must not waste a single minute. Starting your preparations early will help improve your fundamentals which will ultimately benefit you while studying those topics in detail for NTSE.

Know Your Syllabus

You do not have enough time to waste on topics that are not even a part of your syllabus. Be clear about your NTSE syllabus. The NTS examination consists of questions from Class IX and X level. Ask your professors or check out the syllabus on the official SCERT website of your respective state. You must only invest your time on topics included in the syllabus.

Analyze Past Years’ Papers

It’s important to be familiar with the exam you are preparing for. Knowing the paper pattern, type of questions, the importance of each topic would help you guide for better preparation. Previous years’ papers would introduce you to all the repetitive questions that are likely to appear in the forthcoming NTSE examination. 

Proper Planning is Important

Make a proper plan so you could get the most out of every single day. Assign yourself a subject and a chapter or topics you would like to complete on that day. Plan on what you would do once you finish the chapter. Make sure your plan includes everything that would add to your preparation. Give yourself a deadline and stick to it.

Choose the Right Study Material

Investing your time on irrelevant material would be a big mistake. You can find a bunch of books for NTSE preparation but these books consist of topics that are either not a part of NTSE anymore or are completely different examination. Study from a reliable material that focuses just on NTSE syllabus. Your study material must consist of theory, tests, sample papers, etc. If you find it difficult to study theory then you can study from video lectures which give you a classroom-like learning experience.  

Test Yourself

“Testing leads to failure and failure leads to understanding” this statement sums up how important it is to test yourself every now and then. It would give you an understanding of where you stand in your preparation and would allow you to improve all your weaker areas. You can attempt objective-based chapter tests available on NTSEGuru, which would provide you a complete analysis of your preparation based on that test. Mock tests are another way of analysing your preparation once you’re through with every subject.

Revision is Necessary

Revision is the key to success. Revising every topic for minimum two to three times is necessary to remember all the important and complex topics. Revision gives you a quick overview of what you’ve learned and helps you retain that information properly. You can revise through finely drafted notes by our NTSEGuru experts for a quick overview of each and every topic.

Daily Practice

Don’t ignore the power of daily practice. For subjects such as Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and MAT which involve complex questions and long calculations with a limited amount of time, practice is crucial. Daily practice optimizes your speed, time, and improves your ability to answer a question accurately. Make use of practice sheets and sample papers for better exam performance.

This is the starter pack for NTSE 2019-2020 examination. We hope this blog has helped you understand how and when to start your NTSE preparation. The exam has only about two and a half months left, it’s time to pull up your socks and give your hundred percent to this one in a lifetime opportunity. For the students who haven’t registered already, time is running out; visit How to Fill NTSE Form for all the information regarding NTSE application form and official links to download state-wise NTSE Form. Stay tuned on NTSEGuru for all the information regarding NTSE 2019-2020.

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