Important questions for class 9 social science history chapter 1 | French Revolution

NTSE Stage 1 Exam is less than 2 months away. The preparations are going strong to grab the chance to get an education scholarship from NCERT for an entire career. The competition is tough, hence, NTSE Guru experts have provided below Important NTSE questions for Class 9 chapter The French Revolution.

Extra Questions for Class 9 Social Science History French Revolution

Q. Match the table I and table II and select the correct response from option given thereafter:

Table – I Table – II
(A) Montesquieu (i) Social contract
(B) Rousseau (ii) Mein Kemph
(C) Karl Marx (iii) Das Capital
(D) Adolf Hitler (iv) The Spirit of Laws


(a) A – (iv), B – (i), C – (iii), D – (ii)

(b) A – (ii), B – (i), C – (iv), D – (iii)

(c) A – (i), B – (iv), C – (iii), D – (ii)

(d) A – (ii), B – (iii), C – (i), D – (iv)

Ans: (a) A – (iv), B – (i), C – (iii), D – (ii)

Q. Match the table I with table II and select the correct response from the options given thereafter.

Table – I (Symbols) Table – II (Meanings)
(A) Broken Chains (i) Beginning of the new era
(B) Crown of Oak leaves (ii) Being Freed
(C) Olive branch around the sword (iii) Heroism
(D) Rays of rising sun (iv) Willingness to make peace

(a) A – (i) B – (iii) C – (ii) D – (iv)

(b) A – (ii) B – (iv) C – (iii) D – (i)

(c) A – (iv) B – (ii)C – (i) D – (iii)

(d) A – (ii) B – (iii) C – (iv) D – (i)

Ans: (d) A – (ii) B – (iii) C – (iv) D – (i)

Q. Who wrote ‘The Spirit of Laws’?

(a) Adam Smith

(b) Rousseau

(c) Montesquieu

(d) Voltaire

Ans: (c) Montesquieu


Q. When was the French Revolution took place?

(a) 1789                  

(b) 1786                  

(c) 1795                  

(d) 1781

Ans: (a) 1789

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