How to Prepare For NTSE Stage 2

We believe that the National Talent Scholarship Exam (NTSE) is not just an exam. It is an honor for the students to live the rest of their life with pride. Apart from the scholarship, they will be recognized as the national talent by the Government of India, that too at the age where other students are not even aware of their future aspirations.

This blog is dedicated to the scholars who are searching for some important tips on how to prepare for NTSE stage 2. With all the warm wishes, we give you some lifesaving tips on NTSE Stage 2 preparation.

Understand NTSE stage 2 syllabus

NTSE level 2 syllabus is very important for all the students who are preparing for their last and final stage of the exam. One must understand and analyze the syllabus thoroughly. Don’t waste your precious time beating around the bush. Go through the NTSE stage 2 syllabus for better clarity and understanding. Practicing anything with focus is the key to excellence in all the areas of life, be it your competitive exam or anything. Focus comes with a clear understanding. Hence we strongly recommend the student to firstly understand the NTSE stage 2 syllabus. This gives you a direction to study.

NTSE stage 2 previous year papers

Previous year papers are a boon for all those who are preparing for the stage 2 exam. Practice NTSE stage 2 question paper is a piece of strong advice from our side. Dedicate a fixed time on solving the previous year papers. It will give you a clear idea of what kind of questions are to be asked in the exam. Not only that, many times several questions are repeated. At the same time, it will tell you about your loopholes and on which segment of the paper you need to focus more. Conceptual clarity comes with paper solving. Try to solve as many questions as you can before the exam. Try and attempt to make as many mistakes as you can at your home while practicing the paper so that in exam chance of making silly mistakes is minimal.

Understand the exam pattern

Don’t prepare for your exam in any darkness. Certain sort of strategy is required to achieve a bigger goal in life. Therefore it is very important to understand the exam pattern. By solving the NTSE stage 2 exam paper you will get the idea of the exam pattern. The type of questions that they ask in stage 2 and accordingly you can correct yourself. NTSE stage2 detailed analysis can only be possible by understanding the exam pattern. The exam pattern is fixed it is just that students should understand it nicely.

Time management

Time management is the most crucial factor in selection for any competitive exam. Manage your time in such a way that it will help in your growth and understanding. To crack the NTSE stage 2 exam one must know how to manage their time during the exam and can solve the maximum number of questions with accuracy. Keep your studies on priority and solve the most probable questions regularly. Try to maintain speed with accuracy. Time management can be achieved through proper planning. Try to plan your study. Maintain a time table and try to follow it.

Smart study

Any prestigious exams are usually not conducted to make the selections. In-country like India which holds the world’s largest population of 1.37 million, exams are usually prevailed to make rejections. Therefore students must do smart work. Here are some tips for smart study:-

  • Give equal importance to each subject.
  • Practice as many questions as possible.
  • Solve previous year questions with most probable questions to be asked in NTSE from NTSEGuru. 
  • Study and solve the questions with accuracy. 
  • After attaining accuracy, work on your speed. Set the time limit to solve the question in a single sitting. 
  • It’s very strong advice to all the students- don’t waste your time on fancy books. 


We can only provide you with the essential tips to crack the exam. It is the combination of your hard work with smart work which will make your selection possible. There is no substitute for hard work. Simply put your skates on and dedicate your valuable time in preparation. So don’t waste your time on expensive books. Visit on our website to access previous year questions with a set of most probable questions since it’s a high time to be focused on your studies. NTSEGuru provides you with the best and tested study material. We have a national record in giving NTSE selections every year. Our team is dedicated to all those who are ready to set an example for others. We on behalf of NTSEGuru wish you, all the very best for your stage 2 exam. We hope you all fly in bright colors at the end of your exam.  

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