NCERT Solutions Economics Class 10
Class X

Class 10 NCERT Solutions – Economics

Economics is an important branch of social science. It provides students understanding of markets, resources, production, development, income, etc. Economics is a vast subject and is really important for further studies. Generally, schools don’t give economics any importance. Students are made to mug up answers. NTSE Guru Experts do not encourage students to cram answers […]

NCERT Solutions class X civics
Class X

Class 10 NCERT Solutions – Civics

Civics is the study of the rights and duties of citizenship whereas Democratic Politics concentrates on democracy, its features, rules, rights, and history of it. Students do not take much interest in theoretical subjects like civics and tend to write an incorrect answer because of lack of knowledge. It’s important for students to learn about […]

best ntse preparation app
Class IX

Best NTSE Preparation App | NTSE Guru

National Talent Search Examination is one of the most prestigious scholarship programme introduced by the Government of India to identify highly intellectual and academically talented students. It nurtures talented students by providing them financial assistance for an entire academic career. To provide best teaching assistance for NTSE as well as Boards, we have developed NTSEGuru […]

NCERT solutions class 10 geography
Class X

Class 10 NCERT Solutions – Geography

Geography is an important part of Social Science. The subject involves study of Earth and its features, land, climate, temperature, inhabitant etc. It bridges the gap between human and its surroundings. Subjects like Geography do not get much attention from the teachers. Sometimes students get confused even between some geographic terminologies. NTSE Guru Team has […]

Class X Sample Paper Social Science
Class X

Class 10 Board Sample Papers – Social Science

Achieving good marks in social science is only possible when your answers are sensible and includes all the important details of the chapter.  Subjects like history and civics require a lot of revision in order to remember all the important details. Social Science preparation must include solving sample papers. They give you an idea of the […]

Maths Sample Papers class X
Class X

Class 10 Board Sample Papers – Maths

If you are confused about how your class X Maths paper would be? Then solving sample papers prior to your exam would be the best way to kick-start your preparations. Sample papers boost your confidence and level of expertise in the subject. You can ace Maths only by practicing enough. The sample paper given below is […]

Class X Sample Papers Science
Class X

Class 10 Board Sample Papers – Science

Acing class X science is not a walk in the park. The amount of hardwork and determination you put into your preparation shows it in the final result. If you don’t want your preparations to go in waste, get into the habit of solving sample papers. This won’t only help you strengthen your subject but […]