NTSE_Important Questions for CBSE Class 10 Science
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NTSE Important Question For CBSE Class 10 Science – Chapter 1| Chemical Reactions and Equations

Chemical reaction and equation chapter deal with writing basic chemical reactions such as combination reaction, decomposition reaction, displacement reaction, double displacement reaction, oxidation, reduction etc and balancing the equations. It also guides the students through Chemical changes and changes in the elements. It thoroughly covers the law of conservation mass as well. Chemical reactions and […]

Most Probable Questions for NTSE_SAT

Most Probable Questions for NTSE – SAT

National talent search examination is not far off. Students who have already started preparing for this prestigious examination must look at these most probable NTSE SAT questions likely to appear in the exam. Clearing NTSE is easier said than done. It requires months-long preparation, hard work, determination, and practice. If you already feel prepared for […]

important ntse questions economics

Important NTSE Questions – Economics

Economics is a vast subject. It’s important beyond the purpose of any examination. Hence, understanding economics is crucial than learning it. NTSE provides students an opportunity to brush up their Economics concepts. This subject is as important as any other subject in NTSE and must be given the equal importance while preparing for NTSE. Our […]

important ntse questions geography

Important NTSE Questions – Geography

Students take Geography lightly when it comes to NTSE. They do not pay much attention to this subject, but can you afford to lose even one mark in your NTSE? For a subject like Geography, you do not need to spend hours on preparation. The questions are objective-based and straightforward, saving your time and energy. […]

important ntse questions civics

Important NTSE Questions – Civics

Civics being a theoretical subject is not often among students’ favourites. Students do not realize how a subject based on only theory could be proved very helpful in NTSE. As the questions are provided with alternatives, students do not have to invest hours writing an answer. They just have to choose the correct option to […]

Important ntse questions history

Important NTSE Questions – History

History is as important for NTSE as it is for the board examination. You cannot even think of skipping History while preparing for NTSE. Students do not find it to be an interesting subject but the right techniques and helpful mentors make all the difference during your preparation. In NTSE, questions are objective-based, so it’s […]

ntse important question social science

Important NTSE Question – Social science

Social Science is an important subject for the preparation of NTSE. You cannot think about clearing NTSE without Social Science. Students generally try to avoid this subject despite the fact that it’s one of the most scoring subjects in NTSE. It alone covers 40 questions in the SAT paper. NTSE Guru Expert Prof. Vipin Joshi […]

important ntse questions maths

Important NTSE Questions – Maths

One subject that you must be thorough with at all times is Maths. Mathematics is not a difficult subject if you are perfect at concepts, formulas, and their application. Also, you need to utilize your time and work on your speed to ace your Maths section. NTSE Guru has provided all the questions that are […]

important ntse question chemistry

Important NTSE Question – Chemistry

Chemistry is one such subject that manages to traumatize students. Generally, students do not seem to like Chemistry either because of its difficult concepts or confusing equations. However, it is one of the most important subjects when it comes to your NTSE preparation. Once you’re thorough with your chapters and basic concepts, you need to […]

important ntse question biology

Important NTSE Questions – Biology

It gets difficult to remember so much theory and so many terminologies. Students can always appreciate a little help, isn’t it? NTSE Guru wants to help you by providing all the important Biology questions that you are most likely to see in NTSE. These questions and answers are will give you an insight of the […]