question bank for class 9
Class IX

Question Bank for Class 9

Exam preparation can only be tested using tools like question bank. These are the source of all the important questions complied together to provide you easier access and yet boost your preparation as well as confidence. If you are at your last minute preparation and want something to test your preparation of all the subjects, […]

question bank for class 10
Class X

Question Bank for Class 10

Question Bank is an effective way of testing yourself while preparing for your Board examination. It is also an easier way to revise everything you’ve learned in all the subjects and to gain an insight of your strong and weak areas. Below given questions are framed by our Experts, keeping in mind the importance and […]

question_bank for ntse

Question Bank For NTSE

Question bank is a compiled source of series of questions which can help you make most out of you NTS Examination. NTSE consists of two papers SAT and MAT, to perfect your understanding of each and every concept require consistent practice and tools to test your preparation. Below given question bank has been developed by […]

NTSE SAT Sample Paper

Sample Papers – NTSE SAT

Sample papers are the ultimate prep tool.  Every NTSE scholar swears by sample papers. Solving multiple sample papers prior to your exam can not only improve your speed and accuracy but would also help you get familiar with all the type of questions. SAT section consists of 120 questions picked from extreme subjects like Physics, […]

NTSE MAT Sample Paper

Sample Papers – NTSE MAT

MAT is considered one of the most difficult sections of NTSE by the students. It’s confusing and time consuming. To solve MAT, you need to keep your mind clear which is difficult when the clock is ticking and you have other sections to attempt. Anything done in hurry doesn’t end well; the same applies to […]

class IX Sample Papers Maths
Class IX

Class 9 Sample Papers – Maths

Class IX develops your basics and prepares you for competitive examinations. If your basics of maths aren’t clear and strong, you would struggle a lot in higher classes. Maths requires consistent practice for improvement.  Solving sample papers is the best way to practice maths. It provides you variety of questions and improves your speed. NTSEGURU […]

Sample Papers science class IX
Class IX

Class 9 Sample Papers – Science

Science is a really broad and complex subject. It consists of laws, equations, diagrams etc. In Science, every concept or a law is connected to another. So, you cannot afford to make a mistake or skip something. Understanding science would require you to test your knowledge from time to time. NTSEGuru experts have composed detailed […]

class IX Sample Paper socialscience
Class IX

Class 9 Sample Papers – Social Science

Social Science is all about testing your memory and knowledge of the events, politics, and economics. During the exams, answer formation takes more time. Sometimes, students forget a key point which makes their answer seems incomplete. Have a look at this video of The French Revolution to understand how to form an answer. For improving […]

Class X Sample Paper Social Science
Class X

Class 10 Board Sample Papers – Social Science

Achieving good marks in social science is only possible when your answers are sensible and includes all the important details of the chapter.  Subjects like history and civics require a lot of revision in order to remember all the important details. Social Science preparation must include solving sample papers. They give you an idea of the […]

Maths Sample Papers class X
Class X

Class 10 Board Sample Papers – Maths

If you are confused about how your class X Maths paper would be? Then solving sample papers prior to your exam would be the best way to kick-start your preparations. Sample papers boost your confidence and level of expertise in the subject. You can ace Maths only by practicing enough. The sample paper given below is […]