CBSE Class 9 Biology Chapter 2 - Tissues 2
Class IX

CBSE Class 9 Biology Chapter 2 – Tissues

Chapter 2 of Biology is very interesting and scoring. Students who have strong knowledge of this chapter can achieve desired marks in Biology. NTSE Guru Experts have devised the important questions that are most likely to appear in exams. This chapter helps students make their base strong for class 10. Students are strongly suggested to […]

NTSE Important Questions for CBSE Class 9 Science
Class IX

NTSE Important Questions for CBSE Class 9 Science – Chapter 1| Matter In Our Surroundings

Matter in our surroundings provides an outline of the importance of matter based on their physical properties and chemical nature. This chapter helps students to understand the physical nature of matter. It talks about how matter is made up of particles, size and characteristics of particles, state of matter, and evaporation. The important questions provided […]

PREVIOUS YEAR Questions__CBSE 10__Science
Class X

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 – Science

Scoring high in class 10 Science requires hand-work, determination and vigorous focus towards studies. It’s important to analyze and fully understand what topics are important for the forthcoming exam. Science requires consistent practice, and what’s better than attempting previous years’ question papers. Practicing from past years’ question papers has many benefits. It would provide you […]

Important_Diagrams for Class 10_Biology
Class X

All Important Diagrams of Biology Class 10

Science is a subject filled with all important diagrams and complex concepts from a neuron and the human brain to the longitudinal section of a flower. It’s difficult to remember multiple concepts during the exam when time is running out. The easiest way to learn these complex concepts is by thoroughly learning and understanding the […]