Class 10_Chemistry Preparation Strategies
Class X

Class 10 Chemistry Preparation Strategies

Chemistry is one of the most feared subjects. The complicated equations, confusing symbols, and elements traumatize almost all students. But with the right study techniques, mentors, and determination you will be able to master Chemistry in no time. Class 10 Chemistry is pivotal for students who want to pursue their studies in Science. Everything you […]

Class 10_Biology Preparation Strategies
Class X

Class 10 Biology Preparation Strategies

A subject which is completely based on theory is often ignored when it comes to preparation for Science. Students generally give more priority to Physics and Chemistry but forget the importance and weight-age that Biology carries. Your Science marks depend on Biology as much as on the other two subjects. In Class 10, students learn […]

Class 10_Social Science Preparation Strategies
Class X

Class 10 Social Science Preparation Strategies

Social Science has never been any student’s favorite subject. It’s not because the subject is boring but because the teaching methodology and the way of studying that is being used isn’t interesting enough. Have you ever wondered how you can watch historical movies and shows without getting bored but as soon as you start studying […]

Most Important Topic for NTSE MAT
Exam Tips

Most Important Topics for NTSE MAT

National Talent Search Examination is a prestigious national scholarship program. The main purpose of NTSE is to identify and nurture talented students by providing them financial support for an entire career. NCERT has recently announced the official date for NTSE 2019-2020, you can check the dates for your respective state here. The exam is around […]

question bank for class 9
Class IX

Question Bank for Class 9

Exam preparation can only be tested using tools like question bank. These are the source of all the important questions complied together to provide you easier access and yet boost your preparation as well as confidence. If you are at your last minute preparation and want something to test your preparation of all the subjects, […]

question bank for class 10
Class X

Question Bank for Class 10

Question Bank is an effective way of testing yourself while preparing for your Board examination. It is also an easier way to revise everything you’ve learned in all the subjects and to gain an insight of your strong and weak areas. Below given questions are framed by our Experts, keeping in mind the importance and […]

question_bank for ntse

Question Bank For NTSE

Question bank is a compiled source of series of questions which can help you make most out of you NTS Examination. NTSE consists of two papers SAT and MAT, to perfect your understanding of each and every concept require consistent practice and tools to test your preparation. Below given question bank has been developed by […]

NTSE Official Notification

NTSE 2019 – 2020 Official Notification

National Council of Education, Research, and Training (NCERT) have officially announced the dates for NTS Examination 2019-2020. NTSE is a two-stage scholarship examination: Stage 1 is conducted by State Board, the official notifications by the States are yet to be released. Stage 2 is conducted and regulated by NCERT. 2000 students will be selected on […]

important ntse questions economics

Important NTSE Questions – Economics

Economics is a vast subject. It’s important beyond the purpose of any examination. Hence, understanding economics is crucial than learning it. NTSE provides students an opportunity to brush up their Economics concepts. This subject is as important as any other subject in NTSE and must be given the equal importance while preparing for NTSE. Our […]

important ntse questions geography

Important NTSE Questions – Geography

Students take Geography lightly when it comes to NTSE. They do not pay much attention to this subject, but can you afford to lose even one mark in your NTSE? For a subject like Geography, you do not need to spend hours on preparation. The questions are objective based and straightforward, saving your time and […]