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How to Become a Topper

Every student dreams of becoming a topper. To be known as the brightest student with many awards and accolades is a moment of pride. Any student can be a topper because every student is capable of doing it. They are provided with the same resources, teachers, exam papers, etc; yet some students come out as […]

Class 10 Maths Preparation Strategies
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Class 10 Mathematics Preparation Strategies

Mathematics is an important subject of your school curriculum. It’s either a student’s favorite subject or the most feared subject. Mathematics for class 10 builds the foundation of the subject for higher classes and everything that comes further. Every concept and formula that students learn in class 10 Maths is important for further studies as […]

Class 10 Physics Preparation Strategies
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Class 10 Physics Preparation Strategies

Preparation for a subject like Physics is different than the theoretical subjects. Mugging up Physics will not help you in the long run. It requires you to understand the concepts for the proper application of formulas and laws. Class 10th Physics will pave the way for your higher studies. Hence, using the right strategies in […]

Class 10_Chemistry Preparation Strategies
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Class 10 Chemistry Preparation Strategies

Chemistry is one of the most feared subjects. The complicated equations, confusing symbols, and elements traumatize almost all students. But with the right study techniques, mentors, and determination you will be able to master Chemistry in no time. Class 10 Chemistry is pivotal for students who want to pursue their studies in Science. Everything you […]

Class 10_Biology Preparation Strategies
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Class 10 Biology Preparation Strategies

A subject that is completely based on theory is often ignored when it comes to preparation for Science. Students generally give more priority to Physics and Chemistry but forget the importance and weight-age that Biology carries. Your Science marks depend on Biology as much as on the other two subjects. In Class 10, students learn […]

Class 10_Social Science Preparation Strategies
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Class 10 Social Science Preparation Strategies

Social Science has never been any student’s favorite subject. It’s not because the subject is boring but because the teaching methodology and the way of studying that is being used isn’t interesting enough. Have you ever wondered how you can watch historical movies and shows without getting bored but as soon as you start studying […]