A Rapid Learning Crash Course for the NTSE Aspirants to get for NTS Examination!

Salient features of this Rapid Learning Crash Course includes

  • 2000+ Most EXPECTED questions for NTSE-2021 and 10000+ questions bank for practice

  • 200+ hours of NTSE Experts Video Lectures

  • Live Concept Lectures

  • All India Test Series with Live Paper discussion

  • State-Specific 20 MAT and 20 SAT NTSE Mock full length papers (All India Test Series)

  • The Gist of Chapters for Effective Learning

  • Video lectures for Important Previous Year Questions

  • State Specific Course Material

  • Live Quiz

  • Suggested study planner.

For Crash Course Details Contact: 91744-08561

***Ntseguru Complete Course Subscribers will get Crash Course for FREE.
***Crash course undertake the preparation for stage I only.
Based on presumption of experts after thoroughly analyzing previous years NTSE papers & doesn't guarantee to be asked.

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