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Video Lectures


Concept Lecture

Classroom learning is the most effective way of learning. We have made it accessible to all at your place. Just by a click, you will be in a virtual classroom of our most experienced & intelligent teachers. You will have an amazing learning experience. Concept lectures are based on a detailed discussion and description of the topic. The concept lectures are designed & delivered in a way that most of the questions with their answers will be stored in your mind without any extra effort.

Concept Lecture
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Practice Lecture

Practice is an important activity for any competitive exam. There is a normal practice test after the completion of every topic. Through these practice lectures, you will get the support of your teacher, while solving the practice sessions. These lectures contain a detailed description of each question of the topic. A practice lecture is a kind of revision under the supervision of your teacher, which minimizes the chance of confusion or doubt.

Practice Lecture

NTSE Numericals

NTSE is a national level competitive examination and it has a certain standard pattern & difficulty level in its questions. NTSE Guru has a vast research, analysis & observation about this. NTSE Numerical contains discussions & solutions of the kind of numerical, which can be asked in the coming examination. If you will keenly observe the questions, you, too have the mastery on making questions.

NTSE Numerical


Chapter Test

Chapter test is based on a particular chapter only. Appearing in this test, gives you an idea about your preparation of the chapter. You can appear in this test before seeing the video lecture of this chapter too. This will give you an idea of your current status of preparation.
After seeing the video lecture, when you appear in this test again, you can see the progress – the effect of learning on your results.

Chapter Test

Previous Years NTSE Questions

A competitive examination like NTSE, has to be observed every year – to know the change in pattern of asking questions, difficulty level & other additions.
To solve the purpose, here we are providing the previous years questions for your understanding. This will help you to prepare any chapter masterly for NTSE.

Previous year NTSE questions

All India NTSE'19 Test Series

NTSE is a national level competitive examination and to assure your selection in this prestigious competition, you must be aware of your current standing on All India basis.
For this purpose, we have designed an All India Mock Test Series of NTSE, which will be available on a pre declared date. This test will exactly be a test like the one – NTSE. By appearing in this test, you will get an idea about your All India ranking and the competition level too.

ntse test series

Study Material

Concept Theory

For your reading satisfaction in detail, the whole course material has been provided in the ‘Text Form’.
This will help you to understand any chapter through reading and the whole material will also be available for your ready reference too.

Concept Theory

Practice Sheets

Practice is an important activity in the preparation for NTSE competitive examination. We have provided the practice sheets here to make you more confident and to assure your selection. These practice sheets are without any timer or marks obtained kind of features. These are just a bunch of questions, designed like an examination paper. You will get the detailed description of the right answer with the reference of the concerned video lecture.

Practice Sheet

Most Probable Questions in NTSE'19

To make it 'the Best' preparation, one needs to leave no stone unturned.
Every examination follows a particular trend and every year the question paper is set according to that trend. After years of research, Team NTSE Guru has finally de-coded that trend of NTSE and has prepared the set of questions that are most likely to be asked in forthcoming NTS Examination. These 'Most Probable NTSE Questions' are one of the best weapons in the arsenal of a serious NTSE aspirant.

Most Probable Questions

Other Features

Mobile App

To make this module user - friendly beyond the limits, we have provided all this on the mobile platform also - the mobile app. To be in touch constantly with your preparation & not to lose a single moment of your valuable time, this app is quite helpful & easy to use.

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Most Probable Questions

Most Probable Questions in NTSE'19

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” So to achieve your goal, you need to plan. In NTSE, you have to prepare wisely, because this examination has not only segments, but they carry different weight age for you, which is very crucial for your selection. We have provided this feature to plan your preparation according to your current level of study – subject wise & segment wise.


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Best Books For NTSE

Before starting NTSE preparation, very first question that arises in aspirant's mind is, "Which is the best book for NTSE Preparation?" During any competitive exam preparations, students seem attracted towards different reference books to have more study material and knowledge of different topics. Prof. Vipin Joshi, mentor with the National Record in producing NTSE scholars strongly believes that –

"There is no ideal book for NTSE preparations. Some are too easy and some are having too tough content for NTSE preparation." Students tend to look for a book that visibly has a lot study material. They do not realize that some books consist of preparation and practice material which is too easy for the students and some books include material which is really difficult. Moreover, some topics included in these books are not even a part of the syllabus. Students believe that solving really difficult questions would leave them well prepared for the exam. They do not realize that spending hours on irrelevant study material is a waste of time. Your study material must match the standards of your exam syllabus.

NTSE Stage I paper is based on state board syllabus, so students must stick to their state board books for the proper preparation. Whereas, NTSE Stage II paper is based on NCERT syllabus, so students should prepare well from their NCERT books.

Best Books for NTSE SAT

Subjects like Maths, Physics, and Chemistry require a lot of practice for which you must solve each and every question given at the back of each chapter. The number of questions in the State board books and NCERT books are not enough for the preparation. So, once you're done with all the State board and NCERT questions you must look out for practice sheets. These practice sheets give you enough material to practice from.

Best Books for NTSE MAT

Moreover, for the preparation of MAT, State Board and NCERT books do not provide anything. MAT is a quintessential part and requires consistent practice. To prepare for the MAT section, you must understand the verbal and non- verbal concepts first and then you must solve practice sheets to cover as many questions as you can.

When you are done with your school books and practice sheets, you should invest your time on sample papers and previous years' question papers. This is one of the most effective ways to prepare for NTSE or any competitive exam in general. There's no point splurging your parents' money on irrelevant books that do not even help you reach your potential. State board books, NCERT books, and a standard study material is all you need for your NTSE preparation. Deeper understanding of the subjects and consistent practice is the key to ace NTSE.

We asked Prof. Vipin Joshi this question in one of our rare conversations and he answered it in his elegant style. Watch this video till the end and you will probably get the things.

NTSE Preparation Books for Class 10

If you still wish to study from a reference book, you can refer to the following NTSE books but remember, 'Over-reliance on any books in suicidal in case of NTSE preparation.'

    NTSE Exam Books 2020

  • Study Package for NTSE class X (1st & 2nd edition)- Mcgraw Hill
  • Pearson Guide to NTSE Class 10 1st edition – Saurabh Priyadarshini & Navin C. Joshi
  • Study Guide for NTSE for Class 10 – Disha Publication
  • Maths Class X – R.D Sharma
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