School Contact Program, a brainchild of Prof. Vipin Joshi, was initially launched keeping in mind the preparation of NTSE examination. With its unique approach of teaching & great depth of research, NTSE Guru in less than an year, became the buzz of the nation with thousands of users already learning from this digital platform. From Shrinagar to Coimbatore & from Cuttack to Ratnagiri, the subscriber base extends to almost every arm of India.

To make the platform more robust, team NTSE Guru has now converted it into a still better platform to prepare for school and board examination. This has been achieved by adding more features to make it more closer to a student's need. Now, schools also can connect directly to & avail the great benefits for their students & also can simultaneously get an upper edge over the rest in the fraternity. This will also reduce the academic load of school to a huge extent. The school's version of the platform will be somewhat different from the existing as it is prepared keeping in mind the problems and need of schools.

The problems schools generally suffer in today's scenario

1. Faculties at times, not been able to generate good feedback.
2. Faculties leaving in between the academic year.
3. Faculties at times not trained specifically for preparing students for competitive examination.
4. Once left for home, Students not getting any sort of help to view the lectures for revision.
5. At times, students don't get the sufficient exposure to tests with absolutely no scientific analysis provided to review.
6. Syllabus at times, not completed on time.

Well, even if your school is not facing any of these hiccups, still, associating with NTSE Guru can do wonders for your esteemed school.

How NTSE Guru will be immensely helpful for schools

1. Complete syllabus lectures by Vipin Sir & team of time proven faculties with great feedback.
2. Students can view the lectures at home the number of times they need.
3. Ensure timely completion and revision of students.
4. Online tests which again divides itself into variety of tests. In-depth research & analysis of every student's test performance provided digitally.
5. Will tremendously increase the goodwill of the school among parents.
6. Will give the school an upper hand to the school over the rest in the fraternity.

How schools can connect with NTSE Guru

First, let us understand the mode of how schools can subscribe to To understand, say there are 200 students each in 9th & 10th in a school. The school once got the 'School Contact Program' subscription from NTSE Guru will get 400 passwords which the school now may forward to its students. The students then can directly login to & enjoy the great experience learning from the maestros.
For further details, call on - 8461937298