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Video Lectures

Concept Lecture

Classroom learning is the most effective way of learning. We have made it accessible to all at your place. Just by a click, you will be in a virtual classroom of our most experienced & intelligent teachers. You will have an amazing learning experience. Concept lectures are based on a detailed discussion and description of the topic. The concept lectures are designed & delivered in a way that most of the questions with their answers will be stored in your mind without any extra effort.

Practice Lecture

Practice is an important activity for any competitive exam. There is a normal practice test after the completion of every topic. Through these practice lectures, you will get the support of your teacher, while solving the practice sessions. These lectures contain a detailed description of each question of the topic. A practice lecture is a kind of revision under the supervision of your teacher, which minimizes the chance of confusion or doubt.

NTSE Numericals

NTSE is a national level competitive examination and it has a certain standard pattern & difficulty level in its questions. NTSE Guru has a vast research, analysis & observation about this. NTSE Numerical contains discussions & solutions of the kind of numerical, which can be asked in the coming examination. If you will keenly observe the questions, you, too have the mastery on making questions.


Chapter Test

Chapter test is based on a particular chapter only. Appearing in this test, gives you an idea about your preparation of the chapter. You can appear in this test before seeing the video lecture of this chapter too. This will give you an idea of your current status of preparation.
After seeing the video lecture, when you appear in this test again, you can see the progress – the effect of learning on your results.

Previous Years NTSE Questions

A competitive examination like NTSE, has to be observed every year – to know the change in pattern of asking questions, difficulty level & other additions.
To solve the purpose, here we are providing the previous years questions for your understanding. This will help you to prepare any chapter masterly for NTSE.

All India NTSE'20 Test Series

NTSE is a national level competitive examination and to assure your selection in this prestigious competition, you must be aware of your current standing on All India basis.
For this purpose, we have designed an All India Mock Test Series of NTSE, which will be available on a pre declared date. This test will exactly be a test like the one – NTSE. By appearing in this test, you will get an idea about your All India ranking and the competition level too.

ntse test series

Study Material

Concept Theory

For your reading satisfaction in detail, the whole course material has been provided in the 'Text Form'.
This will help you to understand any chapter through reading and the whole material will also be available for your ready reference too.

Practice Sheets

Practice is an important activity in the preparation for NTSE competitive examination. We have provided the practice sheets here to make you more confident and to assure your selection. These practice sheets are without any timer or marks obtained kind of features. These are just a bunch of questions, designed like an examination paper. You will get the detailed description of the right answer with the reference of the concerned video lecture.

Other Features

Mobile App

To make this module user - friendly beyond the limits, we have provided all this on the mobile platform also - the mobile app. To be in touch constantly with your preparation & not to lose a single moment of your valuable time, this app is quite helpful & easy to use.

Most Probable Questions

Most Probable Questions in NTSE'20

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” So to achieve your goal, you need to plan. In NTSE, you have to prepare wisely, because this examination has not only segments, but they carry different weight age for you, which is very crucial for your selection. We have provided this feature to plan your preparation according to your current level of study – subject wise & segment wise.

Select Your State


Listen from those who've experienced it...

NTSE - National Talent Search Examination

Current Pattern

A National level scholarship program in India to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent.

One of the most prestigious examinations of India.

It provides scholarship to select students from 10th till post graduation level.


Central Government awards scholarships to the students who have cleared NTSE exam. Amount of scholarship has been enhanced to Rs 1250 per month for class XI and XII and Rs 2000 per month for student studying under graduate and above.

NDA (for defence services), perhaps the only government institution, where reservation is not applicable, gives preference to NTSE scholar in its final stage of SSB (Selection Service Board) Interviews.
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World's 11, Asia’s number 1 university, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore gives distinguished preference to NTSE scholar, for admission. Apart from this, National University of Singapore (NUS, world number 15), also gives preference to NTSE scholar.

Renowned engineering college for Information Technology like IIIT – Hyderabad, which is equivalent IIT Bombay for placement and academics for Computer Science, takes admissions through JEE (main), offers ‘15 seat’ for which NTSE/KVPY/Olympiad scholars can take admission without taking JEE (main).

Renowned engineering college under Government of Delhi, ‘IIIT – Delhi (Indraprasth Institute of Information Technology), gives a ‘6 marks bonus’ to NTSE scholars apart from their scores in JEE (main), for admission to IIIT - Delhi.

NTSE, as being recommendation from Indian Government towards your academic potential, strengthen your CV for interview even for some of the tough examinations like for IAS, IES, IFS etc (UPSC examinations).

Also being NTSE scholar helps to get additional advantage towards admission into TOP American universities after SAT & GRE as it is letter of recommendation from Indian Government.

Started in 1963 by Govt. of India, to identify talented students & awarding them with scholarships till doctorate level. It was for 10 students of Delhi only & is awarded to the Class XI students
Various changes have been done during these years, like number of scholarships, pattern of test, reservation percentage & even the exam name.
This scheme underwent a major change in year 2006, wherein the NTSE was held for 8th class students.
Executing the decision of 94th Meeting of Executive Committee of NCERT held in 2010, the NTSE started again to be held for class X students.

Eligibility Criteria for Stage-I:

Only Indian students are eligible to appear in this level.

The students studying in Class X are eligible for appearing in this test.

Minimum 60% marks for General Category and 55% for SC, ST and PH category candidates, in their Class IX (last academic year).

Candidate must be a student in a recognized school in the respective State or Union Territory.

Eligibility Criteria for Stage-II:

Based on Stage I, students recommended by state, are eligible for the Stage-II to be held by NCERT at National level.

All the students, who secure the minimum required marks at Stage-II, are eligible for the scholarship program. All the eligible students, who wish to appear in the scholarship programme, are required to register for the same. After the scrutiny of the applications, only eligible candidates are allowed to appear in the exam.

The examination is conducted in two phases, namely Phase I - at State Level and Phase II - at National Level.

Questions are Single Answer Objective type. OMR Sheets are provided to the students to fill the ovals.

Each phase consists of two papers -


MAT (Mental Ability Test)


120 Min & 100 Questions – Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning


SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)


120 Min & 100 Questions – Mathematics (20 Questions) + Science (40 Questions) + Social Science (40 Questions)


Best NTSE Online Coaching

NTSE Guru has been developed with the fact keeping in mind that NTSE is just not a competition, but it’s an Honor & Pride to be a part of our nation’s asset as an individual.

NTSE Guru is a charismatic learning module, developed after years’ long consistent hard work of Prof. Vipin Joshi with his team to ensure your rank in NTSE. The module is specially designed keeping your selection in mind, not the syllabus only.

NTSE Guru is the best online NTSE coaching where you will get complete NTSE study material India's first finely drafted study portal that all you need for National Talent Search Examination. It not only comprises of state wise online video lectures, practice video lectures, tests & All India Test Series but also includes exam files, subjective tests and NCERT solutions to prepare the students for their boards/school exams.Hence,this is the best platform for NTSE preparation online.

So, let's move ahead to the glory.


Prof. Vipin Joshi

Referred as the 'Miracle Man of NTSE', Prof. Vipin Joshi stands apart with a record number of NTSE selections in India. His knowledge and research about the examination pattern has already turned his words as The Final Words for the students preparing for NTSE. He , already, has reached to the optimum level of NTSE expertise that everyone expects almost the same questions that he gives in his lectures, practice sheets & test papers for NTSE. Numerous state toppers year after year under his belt, declare him simply The Greatest Mentor in the history of the examination.

His videos are also top rated by Google & Youtube for his immense knowledge on NTSE.

Count on Us... He is different.

The Proud Legacy

India’s Most Successful NTSE Mentor with a National Record of 750+ NTSE selections along with AIR-1 in IIT-JEE last year and 5 consecutive IIT Zone Toppers.

Most favourite & highest viewed NTSE Tips video ever on YouTube - ‘Tips to Crack NTSE’.
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Awarded by Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon'ble Cabinet Minister (Govt. of India) .

Awarded by Shri Satyapal Singh, Cabinet Minister for HRD & Higher Education (Govt. of India) for his commendable services in the field of NTSE.

Awarded by Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh for highest number of selections in NTSE.

Awarded by Education Minister (Govt. of MP) Shri Deepak Joshi for his selfless services in spreading awareness for NTSE.

Motivated Thousands of students to stay away from Mobile & Social Networking Sites.

Never been on any Social Networking Sites to inspire his students not to use one.

Never used a credit/debit card, when asked the reason he says with a smile

   “Never felt required”.

NTSE Mirracle man


Video Lectures
Concept Lecture
Practice Lecture
NTSE Numericals
Chapter Test
Previous Year NTSE Questions
All India NTSE'20 Test Series
NTSE Study Material
Concept Theory
Practice Sheet
Other Features
Mobile App

Concept Lecture

The video lectures are prepared for NTSE specially. These lectures are not the normal generic lectures but they are very comprehensive & teach you to make new questions in all the possible ways, so that you can assure your mastery in any particular topic.


Prof. Vipin Joshi

A genius who turned himself into NTSE success personified. Ask his previous years students & they will tell you the rest about his great 6th sense of forecasting NTSE probable questions. A great mentor of Physics & Social Science. His lectures have already hit the fastest growing views in least time & now are trending at the top constantly on youtube.

Prof. Sumit Upmanyu

  • He saw the apple falling after newton did.
  • A mentor who doesn't need any introduction in India.
  • Reckoned as 'Miracle Man of JEE' in the country, this maestro of physics & chemistry knows very well how to develop students' brain by introducing toughest of concepts in the most lucid manner.

Prof. Pankaj Pimple

  • He is M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), M.Phil, Ph.D.
  • He has got an experience of training IIT-JEE aspirants for more than 33 years.
  • Eminent faculty of JEE Physics in central India.
  • Famous among the students for his interesting teaching pedagogy of Physics.

Prof. Ramesh Nagda

  • An alumnus of the very first batch of IIT Mumbai in 1980.
  • He has been multi-dimensional personality from the very beginning.
  • A member of various high level academic committees, Prof. Nagda himself is a successful entrepreneur, IIT trainer & counsellor.
  • Thousands of his trained students are shining on an international level in various MNCs.

Prof. Harshal Supekar

  • Wizard of algebra & geometry.
  • If you ask his students, without any other thought they will tell you how magic of prof. Supekar works.
  • Numbers, Lines, Angles, statistics & probability are just some of the charms that bind the students into forever love of mathematics.

Prof. Rohit Girdhar

  • A magician when it comes to playing with numbers.
  • Be it dealing with stats of clocks and calendars or be it identifying father and son's age in seconds.
  • He is student's favorite for his chicky tricks for cracking MAT questions in seconds.

Dr. Anurag Singh

  • Darwin has his own theory on evolution of human beings, he has his own.
  • He is a firm believer of the fact that, students too evolve with time.
  • In his own words "It's not only important to learn the science behind heart and brain in biology, but what matters is to develop the art to listen to your heart & exploring your brain to the fullest."
  • Turning the complex into the easiest & interesting is what makes him favourite among his students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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