NTSE Stage 2 Sample Papers - MAT & SAT


NTSE Stage 2 Sample Papers

Its never been easy to crack any competitive exam in India. NTSE is a prestigious exam, has limited seats and higher competition thus its preparation requires a smart and excellent study plan.

Your study plan should include solving the NTSE stage 2 sample papers, previous year papers as it helps you get an idea about the exam pattern, complexity and the type of questions asked in the NTSE exam. Here are the ways an NTSE sample paper help you in-

  • Improves your basics
  • Improves your analytical thinking
  • Time management
  • Practice for other exams
  • Improves General Knowledge

NTSE  Stage 2 Sample Paper - MAT

Our NTSE Stage 2 MAT Sample Paper will help you evaluate your power of reasoning, ability to think, ability to judge, evaluate or discriminate, sense to visualize in the space, spatial orientation, etc.

This NTSE sample paper has a variety of questions, like analogies, classification, series, pattern perception, hidden figures, coding-decoding, block assembly, problem-solving etc.

Here is an NTSE sample paper for stage 2 MAT section which will help you with your preparation.

NTSE Stage 2 Sample Paper - SAT

Scholastic Ability Test (SAT) evaluates students for their academic knowledge, reading skills, application skills, etc. IT has two parts – Language Test and Science, Social Science & Mathematics. The syllabus is same for all these segments, for both the stages of NTSE.

Here is an NTSE sample paper for stage 2 SAT section which will help you with your preparation.


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