NTSE Study Material


NTSE Study Material

NTSE is a war of winning a lifetime prestige. You cannot win this war without the state of art arms & ammunitions, i.e., ‘The Study Material’. NTSE GURU Study Material includes numerous NTSE Mock tests, Sample papers, Question Bank, Important Questions and Important topics.

Prepared by the top educationists of India keeping in check the past and the current pattern as well as syllabus of NTSE. NTSE GURU study material, if covered religiously, will dramatically increase your chances of selection in NTSE. 

1.  NTSE Mock Test: Take NTSE before actual NTSE. Online Mock test series is conducted in the same pattern of the exam. It makes you so used to solve the paper that it becomes your second nature to manage the time & pressure in the final paper. 

NTSE Mock Test

2. NTSE Sample Papers: Sample papers consists of various permutation and combination of paper pattern & types. You will get the opportunity to apply different strategies told by the NTSE Guru experts in different paper types. Solving loads of sample papers develop you to create your own strategy and make the best out of a given paper. As a result, on the exam day, you’ll remain unfazed by any surprises in the pattern of the paper.

NTSE Sample Papers

3. NTSE Important questions: Picking cherry out of the bushes is very crucial. Among thousands of questions from various subjects, there are some questions that are asked almost every other year in NTSE by NCERT. But the pattern of repetition is complex for you to figure it out yourself. NTSE GURU has cracked this code and provides you the list of most important NTSE questions that can be asked in the forthcoming NTSE exam. For the last few day's preparations, this is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

NTSE Important Questions

4. NTSE Question Bank: For those who are driven to crack NTSE, the usual questions of NCERT will not be sufficient. Champions demand a non-stop flow of challenges to hone their skills. NTSE Question Bank is one such resource at your disposal. It offers a wide variety of questions from every subject, topic & difficulty level. Most of our NTSE State & City Toppers have gone through each and every question from question bank rigorously. So, if you see yourself becoming the next City or State topper in NTSE, you know what you need to do now.

NTSE Question Bank

5. NTSE important Topics: From the vast blue ocean, amongst other things, pearls are of most importance. Similarly, from the vast sea of NTSE syllabus, pearls of crucial topics are of most importance. NTSE important topics help you plan out your studies and prioritize important topics and then cover the rest of the syllabus. This not only makes your preparation more efficient but makes you understand the importance of planning for your future academics. 

NTSE Important Topics

All this and much more... As you are reading this, team NTSE Guru is working hard in creating more such wonderful tools to boost your NTSE Preparation. We are doing our part and expect you to utilize these tools to the best of your capacity.

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All The Best!!

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