NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Social Science


NCERT Solutions for class 9 social science

The NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science covers all the questions from NCERT textbooks and subjects like Geography, Economics, Civics, and History. Students are most likely to present better answers and score good marks if these solutions are gone through regularly.

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Economics

Class IX students come across Economics which is an important subject not just from the exam point of view but also from the perspective of a citizen. It’s very crucial to be aware of what’s happening in the economic sector of our country. Economics is a wide and complex subject, in Class IX students only learn about the basics of the economy such as market, poverty, health, education, globalization &measures to improve them. Get below chapter-wise class 9 NCERT solutions – Economics.

Chapter 1 -  The Story of Village Palampur 

Chapter 2 - People As Resource

Chapter 3 - Poverty As a Challenge

Chapter 4 - Food Security

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Civics

Civics is considered to be an important subject in Social Science. It helps students understand the political side of the country and how the government of the country actually works. Civics also allows students to understand the basic rights and laws of the country. If you find yourself seeking more knowledge on Civics then you must go through these in-depth NCERT solutions of class 9 Civics.

Chapter 1- What is Democracy Why Democracy

Chapter 2- Constitutional Design

Chapter 3 - Electoral Politics

Chapter 4 - Working of Institutions

Chapter 5 - Democratic Rights

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Geography

Theoretical subjects require quality answers to ace the examination. Sometimes students find it difficult to write proper answers when it comes to a subject like Geography. NTSE Guru has brought you compiled NCERT solutions for class 9th geography which would help you frame better answers in your examination. The solutions are provided in a simple language, which would make it easier for you to learn and understand the chapters better.

Chapter 1 - India Size and Location

Chapter 2 - Physical Features of India

Chapter 3 - Drainage

Chapter 4 - Climate

Chapter 5 - Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Chapter 6 - Population

NCERT Solutions Class 9 History

As most of the students run away from History subject, here NTSE Guru Social Science expert provides you NCERT solutions for class 9 History. You will find answers to each topic in a very simple language which will make you understand and learn the topic in an easy manner. For detailed learning about the topic, you can subscribe to our NTSE Guru’s youtube channel and can drop your queries there in the comment section below which will be taken up by our experts.

Chapter 1 -  French Revolution

Chapter 2 -  Socialism in Europe and The Russian Revolution

Chapter 3 -  Nazism and The Rise of Hitler

Chapter 4 -  Forest Society and Colonialism

Chapter 5 -  Pastoralists in the Modern World

Chapter 6 - Peasants and Farmers

All the above chapter-wise solutions will help you in your examination preparations. For more such NCERT solutions click on

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