CBSE Sample Paper of Class 10

CBSE Sample Paper Class 10

A soldier going off to war first has to practice sufficiently with a gun before he can be sure that he is prepared enough to trust that he will return with his life intact. Similarly, the sample papers are the weapon you have to practice enough so that you could trust yourself to ace your 10th boards Just like a soldier without proper training would be unprepared, so would a student going off to his examination without having solved sufficient sample papers. Proper and sufficient solving of CBSE sample papers of class 10 allow you to become an expert at the examination before you even face it.

Sample Paper Class 10 Science

Acing class X science is not a walk in the park. The amount of hard work and determination you put into your preparation shows it in the final result. If you don’t want your preparations to go in waste, get into the habit of solving sample papers. This won’t only help you strengthen your subject but would also improve your grip on time. It will give you an insight of how you should manage your time during the exam.

This is a sample paper of class 10 science created by our NTSEGuru faculties to help you get a remarkable CGPA in your X Board exam. You can also revise and practice every chapter separately from the tests section of every chapter on NTSEGuru.

Sample Paper Class 10 Maths

Practice makes a man perfect. The more you solve the questions, the more you will have your command on the subject. So here is the CBSE sample paper for class 10 students. Download the PDF to solve the sample paper class 10 Maths.

Sample Paper Class 10 Social Science

Achieving good marks in social science is only possible when your answers are sensible and includes all the important details of the chapter. Subjects like history and civics require a lot of revision in order to remember all the important details. Social Science preparation must include solving sample papers. To revise each chapter in the last hour is a real-time taking task. With the help of CBSE sample paper, one can revise the subject in no time. To access the sample paper class 10 social science, download the PDF.

Hope that the above sample papers provide you a glimpse of the pattern of questions asked, difficulty level, marking scheme and time management. It is recommended to solve all the question papers thoroughly and self evaluate your preparation and performance level.

In addition to the above, you can also check out for previous year papers and subject wise NCERT solutions for class 10 on

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