How to Prepare for Board Exams Class 10 CBSE

how to prepare for class 10 board exam

Class X is considered a milestone, as soon as the session begins sincere students start to pursue a common question: How to Prepare for Board Exams. Parents and students always expect a good result in X standard. But, to achieve any goal you need proper planning and determination. Passing class 10 with great marks isn’t a cakewalk but it isn’t rocket science either if you start preparing for it at the right time. Don’t wait for your boards to arrive, to unleash your full potential. Make every subject your priority because it all adds up to your final result.

How to Study for 10th Board Exams

Here’s a compiled list of subject-wise strategies on “How to Study for 10th Board Exams” which, you must follow to achieve the result you are hoping for :


  • Make a sheet of all the formulas, so you can revise them whenever you need to.
  • Make a list of your strongest and weakest topics. Divide your time accordingly, so you can give enough time to your weak topics and become better at it.
  • The planned practice is the key to ace maths. Practice every type of sums and problems. Do not skip any chapter or topic because it’s easy. Tighten your grip on subjects by solving practice sheets on NTSE Guru. This will take your preparation to a whole new level.
  • Pay ultra attention to algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics & probability as these chapters carry a lot of weightage.
  • Revise all the theorems as many times as you can. Chapters like Circle have a lot of theorems, which manages to confuse the students all the time. You can get all the theorems in the concept theory section of every chapter on ntseguru.

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  • Most of the science chapters are interconnected. So, make sure your basics are very clear.
  • Revise the periodic table every day.
  • Carbon and its compounds would need a lot of your attention. Students find it difficult and confusing then end up skipping the chapter. It’s an important chapter and you should not skip it. You can revise the chapter from the concept lectures section and practice the same using practice lectures section available on ntseguru.
  • Prepare a sheet for all the laws of physics and go through it every day.
  • Get thorough with the diagrams of the human eye, binary fission in amoeba, bisexual flower, etc.

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Social Science

  • Read every chapter at least once and make summary notes.
  • Learn all the important years.
  • Read and learn about all the battles and important events.
  • Remember the names of important people.
  • Try to learn the answer as bullet points. The first point should give birth to your next point. This would help you form a story. As a student, it would be easier for you to remember a story than cramming an answer. Check out this video lecture of Rise of Nationalism in Europe by Prof. Vipin Joshi to get an idea of how you should write an answer.
  • Make sure you’re thorough with the definitions. You can get all the important definitions that have been asked through the years on Examination file section.
  • Be familiar with the map of India, world map, etc.

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