How To Score Good Marks In Class 8


How to score good marks in class 8

To score high it is important for students to familiarize with the question pattern and topic weightage. Without knowing the effective strategy for the exam students come under tremendous pressure to perform well in the exams, which ultimately causes anxiety and stress. Below are some tips which will help students in strategizing their preparations and perform well in exams.

Study Tips for Class 8 

1. Solve Sample Papers: Solving more and more sample papers will help students in building a grip on the subject. Also, it will help in keeping a check on time utilized and maintaining the accuracy of the questions attempted.

2Time Management: Proper time management will help students in finishing the exam paper on time, thereby reducing last-minute anxiety and stress. For this purpose, students may prepare a schedule for giving proper time to each subject. 

3. Develop a Habit of Writing Answers: You must always write down the questions though you know it in your mind. While you are practising, write the steps to solve. Writing habits will help you a lot while attempting social science and Mathematics questions. Such processes will make your mathematics look easy for you.

4Prioritize topics and concepts: Make a list of all the important concepts and formulae for quick reference and revision. By listing, it will be easy for students to revise and practice the concepts daily and at the last moment.

5Focus on NCERT: NCERT Syllabus at any cost should not be missed out. It provides the most important latest solved examples. These questions are sometimes frequently asked in the examinations.

All the above tips provided above will do wonders in exams for every student following it without any fail.

All the very best for your preparations!!!

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