NTSE Important Topics

NTSE Important Topics

National Talent Search Examination is a prestigious national scholarship program. The main purpose of NTSE is to identify and nurture talented students by providing them financial support for an entire career. Subject wise important topics are given below to aid students in preparation.

NTSE Important Topic for MAT

MAT Section assesses students ability to judge & analyze, power of reasoning, ability to visualize etc. If students are struggling to find the syllabus or caught up between preparations for MAT, NTSE Guru has got you covered. Given below are the important topics that students need to prepare for acing the MAT section.

  • 1. Verbal and Non-Verbal Series
  • 2. Coding and Decoding
  • 3. Mathematical Operations
  • 4. Cube and Dice
  • 5. Verbal and Non-Verbal Analogy

NTSE Important topic for Social Science

Social Science is a very scoring subject for an NTSE aspirant. Time management and smart study skills are crucial for efficient NTSE Stage II preparation. NTSE Guru provides the complete solution to your NTSE preparation. NTSE Guru helps students prepare for important topics to score well in the Social Science section. Given Below is the list of topics:

  • 1. Nationalism In Europe
  • 2. Nationalism In India
  • 3. Physical Features Of India
  • 4. Climate
  • 5. French Revolution
  • 6. Consumer Rights
  • 7. Lifelines of National Economy
  • 8. Nazism & The Rise Of Hitler
  • 9. Poverty As Challenge
  • 10. Indian Economics
  • 11. Indian Constitution

NTSE Important Topics for Maths

Students must be aware of the topics which carry heavy weightage in the Math section. For efficient NTSE preparation, proper time management in Mathematics is important. To manage your time, you should know the important topics and plan to study them accordingly. Our NTSE Guru Maths experts provide students with the list of most important topics of Maths for NTSE :

  • 1. Surface Area & Volume
  • 2. Triangles
  • 3. Coordinate Geometry
  • 4. Quadratic Equation
  • 5. Profit & Loss
  • 6. Probability
  • 7. Trigonometry
  • 8. Surds & Indices
  • 9. Arithmetic Progression

NTSE Important Topics for Science

Science requires a lot of interest on students' part for the concepts to be assimilated well. To get an idea of the level of questions, students should go for NTSE Solved Sample papers and Previous year questions papers. Further, students must refer to the NTSE Important Topics for science from the list given below:

  • A. Biology
  • 1. Control & Coordination
  • 2. Life Processes
  • 3. Diversity
  • 4. Heredity
  • 5. Reproduction
  • B. Chemistry
  • 1. Carbon & Its Compounds
  • 2. Periodicity
  • 3. Metals & Non-metals
  • 4. Structure of Atoms
  • 5. Acids, Bases & Salts
  • C. Physics
  • 1. Electricity
  • 2. Magnetic Effects Of Current
  • 3. Force and Laws of Motion

In addition to the NTSE Important topics provided above, students should also refer to NTSE Guru for NTSE Sample paper and Mock test.

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