The Making Of The Global World Class 10

The Making of the Global World Class 10

Moreover, Vipin Sir, the legend at NTSEGuru, teaches the chapter in the form of Questions and Answers so that you are prepared for the exams at the very time you watch our video lectures. He is excellent at making things easier for students like you! Watch our videos and conquer the exams!

Class 10 History Chapter 4 - Video Lecture

The Making of Global World Class 10 CBSE - Important Questions

1. What is silk route and what was its importance.  

Ans. Silk route linked Asia with Europe and North America. Chinese pottery, Chinese silk cargoes textiles and spices from India and Southeast Asia, went to Europe and in return, precious metals – gold and silver – flowed from Europe to Asia. Christian missionaries almost certainly travelled this route to Asia. Muslim preachers a few centuries later also used this route to spread their religion.  Buddhism emerged from eastern India and spread in several directions through intersecting points on the silk routes.

2. How the new crops could make the difference in overall life style of people?

Ans. Sometimes the new crops could make the difference in overall life style of people. Europe’s poor began to eat better and live longer with the introduction of the humble potato. Ireland’s poorest peasants became so dependent on potatoes that when disease destroyed the potato crop in the mid-1840s, hundreds of thousands died of starvation.

3. How Spanish were able to conquer America. Which weapon Spanish used? 

Ans. In fact, the most powerful weapon of the Spanish conquerors was not a conventional military weapon at all. It was the germs such as those of smallpox that they carried on their person. Because of their long isolation, America’s original inhabitants had no immunity against these diseases that came from Europe. Smallpox in particular proved a deadly killer. Once introduced, it spreaded deep into the American continent, ahead even of any Europeans reaching there. It killed and decimated whole communities of America, paving the way for conquest.

4. Why and which group of people started to move America from Europe?

Ans. Until the nineteenth century, poverty and hunger were common in Europe. Cities were crowded and deadly diseases were widespread. Religious conflicts were common because of these reasons many religious dissenters started to move to America.

5. Which food was introduced by Christopher Columbus discovered America?

 Ans. Foods such as potatoes, soya, groundnuts, maize, tomatoes, chillies , sweet potatoes, and so on were not known to our ancestors until about five centuries ago. These foods were only introduced in Europe and Asia after Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered the vast continent that would later become known as the America. These foods come from America and American original in habitants the American Indians.

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