How to Score Good Marks in Science

to score good marks in science class 10

Science is one of the most crucial subjects for class 10th students. The complicated equations, confusing symbols and diagrams traumatize almost all students. To make it easy, NTSE Guru Experts have bought some preparation tips for students on how to score good marks in science. Refer below the preparation strategy.

How to Study Science Class 10

Class 10 Chemistry Preparation Strategies

1. Terminologies and symbols are essential: You should be thorough with all the terminologies used in this subject as well as all the important chemical reactions and symbols.

2. Take advantage of interesting study material: NTSE Guru Experts have cracked the code to make Chemistry an interesting subject for each and every student. When you’re done with your NCERT books you must watch the chemistry video lectures to clear the important concepts and all your doubts.

3. Use Mnemonics: Remember how in lower classes your teachers made you learn all 7 colors of the rainbow by creating a song using the first letter of each color. These mnemonics are still effective to memorize important elements, especially when you are having trouble remembering all the elements in the Periodic table.

4. Try your hands on sample papers and previous years’ question papers: These are the most effective tools to analyse your progress. Every time youa solve a sample paper or previous years’ question paper you learn something new and important.

" All the above points are to be kept in mind while strategizing for Board examinations, additionally you can pay attention some of the below-mentioned points for Biology and Physics. "

Class 10 Biology Preparation Strategies

1. Definitions are pivotal:. Definitions are one of the most asked questions in your board examination. Make sure all the definitions are on top of your fingers.

2. Diagrams without correct labelling are useless: In every paper, you are asked to draw a diagram, so you must practice every diagram, its labelling, and theory. You would receive less than half marks if you do not label your diagrams correctly.

3. Cramming doesn’t help: Cramming every chapter is the biggest mistake you can make while preparing for Biology. It’s a theory subject which is more likely to get confusing if you fail to understand the concepts.

4. Improve your answers: To get an understanding of the perfect formation of an answer you can go through examination files and NCERT solutions. These are the great assets for your preparation.

Class 10 Physics Preparation Strategies

1. Master the basics: According to our Physics experts, it is very crucial to master all the basics first. Pay attention to your basic concepts and terms otherwise, you’ll have to pay the price during your exam.

2. Don’t underestimate figures and graphs: Always pay attention to figures and graphs, as these elements carry marks in your examination.

3. Organizing information keeps things clear: Whenever you are solving a numerical, organize the given information. Write down what is available to you, this little effort makes finding an answer easier than you could imagine.

4. Be thorough with your textbooks: Though Physics is a practical subject, most of the multiple-choice questions and short questions are asked from the theory. If you do not enjoy reading your school books you can rely on study material provided by NTSE Guru . If reading isn’t your thing, you can always choose to see amazing video lectures.

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